Congress- NCP Split Was Meant To Divert Voter’s Attention Ahead Of Assembly Poll, Said Modi

Congress- NCP Split Was Meant To Divert Voter’s Attention Ahead Of Assembly Poll, Said Modi

Narendra Modi ahead of Maharashtra Assembly Polls, woos peoplePrime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday took on the Congress and NCP leaders and asked them not to make the soldiers fighting for the country unhappy for political gains.

While addressing a rally in Baramati, Maharashtra, Modi said, “Please don’t make our jawans unhappy for the sake of politics. They are fighting for the nation on the borders.”

Modi asked, “The NCP clock makes no noise, it does things silently. It 10:10 means their corruption rose 10 times in 10 years. Pakistan and China never stopped their antics when you (Sharad Pawar) were Defence Minister, but did you to the borders? There were so many terror attacks in Maharashtra, but could you catch the terrorists?”

While dubbing the Congress-NCP split in the Maharashtra as “farce”, he said they were united and the separation was only meant to divert the attention of voters ahead of the Assembly polls.

At another poll rally in Ahmednagar district, he said, “Congress and NCP parted ways just ahead of the poll. But everybody knows that these parties are actually one, they belong to the same clan, their nature and character is same. The split between the two is a farce meant to divert your attention.”

He accused the erstwhile Congress-NCP dispensation in Maharashtra of being deeply involved in corruption and said had it utilised those 15 years it was in power for the upliftment of people, the state would have been much ahead in terms of growth and law and order.

The PM said, “Fifteen years is not a small time. If their government had utilised it’s time for the uplift of the people, in maintaining law and order, to stop suicide by farmers, in punishing terrorists in the hardest possible way and in providing employment to the youth, Maharashtra would have been far ahead than what it is today.”

Modi said the government was only in the “business of stealing the hard earned money of traders through Local Bodies Tax (LBT)” which he dubbed as “Looto Baato Tax (rob and share tax).”

He added, “Today there is nothing left due to corruption by these politicians. There was corruption in providing homes to the widows of Kargil martyrs and in the mid-day meal scheme for children. They have looted everything they could get their hands on.”

Stressing his government’s priority to on providing employment to youth, he said, “Our priority is to generate employment for the youth of this country. They (Congress-NCP) have made this state ‘Scam Maharashtra’ which we want to change and make ‘Skill Maharashtra’.

He further said, “Maharashtra has suffered a lot. Give the BJP an absolute majority so the government in the state can work in tandem with the Centre, so that we can together work Maharashtra with 11 times more strength and vigour.”

On the upliftment of Indian farmers and checking incidents of suicides by them, he said “When I was in America, I met the CEO of Pepsi. I told her if they could add just 5% of fresh fruit juice to their soft drinks, it will change the lives of our farmers drastically. Then our farmers will not have to go out to sell their produce. Multinational companies will come to their doorsteps to buy their produce at remunerative prices. This is the first step towards improving the agricultural environment in our country.”

Why the US had to sit up and a note of his visit was not because of him but because 1.25 crore people had given BJP an absolute majority, he said. “Did it happen because of Modi? No… This is because you gave us a majority at the Centre. Today, when Modi stands to talk to someone, that person gives respect because he knows that 1.25 crore Indians are standing behind him.”

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