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Why Are Consumers Skeptical Of Adopting Mobile Retail?

Why Are Consumers Skeptical Of Adopting Mobile Retail?
Why are Consumers Skeptical of Adopting Mobile Retail?

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Mobile phone is one of the most important inventions in today’s era. This was discovered to satisfy many important happenings. This device has always tried to penetrate across the globe. The demand for this device is sky touching. The impact of this device is also realised by many online retailers. They only want to establish an online relationships rather than a physical one. Online shopping is quite flexible. So retailers realised that e-commerce are a part of mass generation. Through this e-commerce people used to get more information regarding products. According to the report produced by Barclays, after 4 years the retail sales via mobile phones will reach 32 billion pounds. It is because the consumers can get whatever they want from the varied products.  It makes the world more globally connected. Cash, cards are more risky while travelling or buying something. Online retailers seem to be more helpful.

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Taking this as an opportunity, online retailers advertise their products to engage their customers. It provides a vast opportunity to engage them. It has increased competition among the retailers. They advertise their varied products so that the customers can easily grasp for the product. Mobile phones have created a physical boundary between online and physical retail. Online retailer seems to get more opportunity to sell their products. Consumers can order anything at anytime at anywhere. No distance boundaries come as a barrier during the sales. In last six months, 49 percent peoples have used their phones for online shopping.

Though mobile phones are a medium for online shopping, but now consumers are facing difficulties in mobile retail. In spite of knowing that cyber attacks could jeopardize the user’s identities and has become more pressing.

22.4% of online users don’t like online payments because cyber attacks are a common phenomenon, and no security are there. Furthermore, if such happens, the particular websites have no responsibilities or issues regarding this.  22.3% of the online consumers do not feel secure while shopping via mobile. It is because online threats are repeated occurrences.

16.5% of the online consumers do not like the process as they find it fiddly. Consumers don’t find it comfortable. They find it easier while shopping it by physical touch. These mobile phones create blurred lines between physical and online shopping. While ordering something, usually it’s a human tendency that makes a mistake. But if he/she orders it in a shop he can check the quality of the material before shopping. But in online shopping there is no way to escape. In mobile shopping, if orders are there to be cancelled, a lot of procedures is to be followed. Sometimes, due to network failure transaction cannot be completed. Mobile sites are badly designed. So, 13.8% people cannot use it. Sometimes the size of the screen is very small so that ordering the materials are not possible and comfortable. 15.5% do not prefer to order the materials online because in mobile screen the products are not clearly visible. Price range, quality and exact colours are not clearly visible. So we often make mistakes. The small screen does not allow many facilities for shopping. Much range of products is not available.

Online shopping uses a lot of data consumption. So, 6.3% of people are against of it. Many people don’t know how to use their phones for shopping. Small phones are not companionable with all shopping websites. Due to a network error, the link gets slow, and shopping is not possible. All the products are not visible and sometimes due to over usage phone gets suspend, and the transaction is not possible. The network is not available all the time to do shopping. The mobile phone takes away all the fun. Ranges, quality are not available in a single, small, screen. So, 11.6% people don’t like it. Shopping through mobile phones takes a longer time. It is because it asks the basic information, card number and many other individual details. In Phones, websites get slower down. But many a people find it easier to shop on phones. It is because according to them it saves their time and petrol. But a day will come when it will reach the saturation point. In mobile device, it is not expedient to do shopping. All products are fuzzy. Colours of different shades are quite different.

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Now we are at the dawn stage of usage of mobile phones. This will go to an infiltration point where the noodles will turn up in using all the traditional methods.

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