Countries & Traits of Self-made Billionaires – The Super Entrepreneurs

Countries & Traits of Self-made Billionaires – The Super Entrepreneurs
Countries & Traits of Self-made Billionaires - The Super Entrepreneurs

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Unlike what most of the populace thinks are the necessities or traits of self-made billionaires, multi-billionaires, or let’s just say the Super Billionaires, quite the contrary seems to be actually true about them. Now most of us might not even consider ourselves worthy or talented enough to be entitled with this tag, but we sure do wonder in awe when we hear about the simply envious life they lead and the luxuries they enjoy, as to what these people could have possibly done so superhumanly different from us which makes them, and not the rest of us worthy of these awes.

Another misconceived notion people often carry is that most of these Super Billionaires belong to the Super Power America. Wrong. Contrary to this very popular belief, the Centre for Policy Studies, based in London analyzed the whole world’s richest people listed in the Forbes Magazine from 1996 to 2010. This analysis spanned over 53 nations with the mission to identify the Super Entrepreneurs of these countries and study the policy methods and other trends followed by the government of these countries that could explain what supported them more.

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First of all, it is extremely important to state what a Super Entrepreneur exactly means. To be a SuperEntrepreneur, an important condition is that the person must not have inherited his wealth. He or she must have earned it. As impossible as it may sound, but yes, there have been people in this world who have a story as dramatic as any rags to riches saga could ever possibly be. This report also excluded those who inherited a small time work or fortune and then quadrupled it and more overnight & Hence again, self-made billionaires. And off course, he or she had to have earned at least a $1 billion. So here is a quick brief over that report.

The main result formulated was that Hong Kong had the highest percentage of self-made billionaires, or Super Entrepreneurs when measured from its population.  While Israel surprisingly landed on the second spot, the most expected nations like the United States, Switzerland Singapore followed suit at the next three spots. Further study showed that individuals from these countries founded their firms and just how these firms were supported by the respective governments showed a lot how helpful or not the governments can be.

Another interesting and new point revealed was that for some reason, in the nations where super riches were made out of trades like Biotech, Finance, IT, and Retail, self-employment did not always equate to rise in the number of SuperEntrepreneurs. Instead, the policies that turned out to be helpful to these firms were low taxes and relaxed regulations on the trade. The benefits of these Super Entrepreneurs are immense not just for their self, or for their firms, but for the whole society at large. They create jobs, not to forget the insane amount of wealth, and their innovation probably contributes to the world by trillions of unbelievable dollars.

Delving into details a notch deeper, the countries fostering SuperEntrepreneurs are typically characterized by a high educational level and a stringent environment playing by the law and order, apart from the relatively low tax and free regulation norms prevalent. Interestingly, the governments could not do much to encourage entrepreneurial growth by sponsoring entrepreneurial campaigns and excessive funds. On the other hand, a good educational system much similar to the ones in the Ivy League Colleges or other elite Universities, strict English law and lesser taxes on the net profit of these firms seemed to be proportionate to the number of SuperEntrepreneurs in these nations.

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So now coming back to where we started off from, still in that very obvious awe, what really do these people do that is so different from us to make them land off where they are right now? In my honest opinion, they were born with the pretty much everything that every one of us is born with. The difference just arises over time somewhere in the respective belief systems. These Super Entrepreneurs are the people who stubbornly refused to give up in the face of every trouble they faced and more than anything else, believed they had the capability to rise above it. This stubborn refusal is one similar trait I bet anyone could search and find in each one of them, no matter which country they belong to.

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