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Customers Can Be Vexatious! Learn The Tricks To Cope With Them

Customers Can Be Vexatious! Learn The Tricks To Cope With Them
Customers Can Be Vexatious! Learn The Tricks To Cope With Them

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Customers are an integral part of every profession without whom, one can’t have his job going. But if the ways and whims of the customers turn out to be tricky and difficult for one to handle, here are certain tips on what the different types of customers can be like and, how to cope with them.

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  1. The Opportunist

The opportunist client throws out an idea that he/she might give you over a big order, and make you write over a detailed proposal, after which the ‘possible’ client might vanish, using your proposal as a blueprint for his/her company’s project.


Never say yes to an offer like this which does not have anything solid in return, and in which you might only end up wasting your effort and time.

  1. The Time Bomb

The customers who come under this category are generally the types who are quite short tempered and will grow restless as time goes on. They might wait for some time, and if they find you are not hitting on the solution, they might blast you on your face, venting all their frustration on you.


Take the initiative of asking few suggestions on how to solve the issue, or try explaining why and where you are stuck. And, if that doesn’t work, ensure you are not in front of them whenever you think they might explode.

  1. The Tire Kicker

This type of customer is someone who just can’t bring herself to write the cheque and keeps looking out for other options so he/she can strike a better deal.


Make your client understand the value of signing the deal with you. Make her realize the importance of your deal, and tell her in straight terms of how much he/she will lose by not saying yes to your deal.

  1. The Multi-Tasking Personality

This client of yours has just got so many things on his plate that he just can’t concentrate or allocate time for anything, least of all, your deal.


Reduce the time that he has to spend on your proposal. If it is time that he can’t spend or spare, nothing can delight him more that a single line summary of your deal stating what it is, and why he should say yes.

  1. The Hurrying-you-up and making-you-wait type

This customer is probably one of the shrewd types. He/she will probably want everything that he/she has demanded the very next day, and when you are in need of something from her side, you will be made to wait.


Go by an agreement basis. Get everything, the deadlines and dates worked out in front of her and document it. And ensure both of you follow it to the dot.

  1. The Invisible client

The appointments are confirmed, dates and schedules are put up, but the client fails to appear.


Make the client realize how valuable your time is. In a smart, yet sensible way, so you can have the cake and eat it too.

  1. The Mr. Big

This client of yours might sound as if he is the deciding factor for the company. But there might actually be somebody behind the curtains who will actually be pulling the strings.


Ensure you get to know the real decision maker for the company without actually offending whom you are asking.

  1. The Wannabe

The person in front of you posing as the client might not have the authority to buy, but might see your deal as his/her way through for visibility.


Give them what you think is sufficient and required and allow them to play the lead without any inputs from your end.

  1. The Horndog

He might be a little flirt, who might think there’s no harm in doing a little of it.


Be cool about it and change the subject as soon as you think you can, smartly.

  1. The Gatekeeper

This person just has to ensure the big person inside isn’t bothered by riff-raff, which might include you as well.


Find ways of connecting with the head, when you think he can be reached without any gatekeepers.

  1. The Roadblock

This person just has to say a no, because he is scared that he might be blamed for something that goes wrong if he says a yes.


Get him to understand the process, and find out if he has any objections so that you can answer them, and he can be at ease too.

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  1. The Propellerhead

This client is just scared of the complications that he might come across due to the    technology you will be using.


Explain in detail every feature of the product you might be using, so he can be sure of the way things work.

  1. The Final Demander

After everything is discussed and done, your client may pull the final question on you asking for a huge discount.


Respond to the shock with a smile saying he/she has bagged the best deal ever, at the best price.

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