Dominate in a Meeting

Dominate in a Meeting
dominate your meetings

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Human is a social animal. To live the life to its fullest, one must embrace the importance of the society and the gatherings. And when the assemblies take place with some predefined agenda, it is called as a meeting. Now we can all see that meeting is an integral part of today’s life. Be it a formal office one or making a plan for trips with friends or a date with your loved one, it all comes up to this.

Now let’s take a minute and think what the part you play in a meeting is. Are you the speaker or the commander? If yes, then congratulations; and you might skip this article too. But if you are one of those persons who have many words to say but doesn’t know how to make others listen, and then congratulations again! You might find this article is just for you. So folks, if you want to be the heart of every meeting, if you want to control the proceedings, try to apply the following methods.

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  • Know the person(s) you are meeting:

According to many eminent personalities ‘Knowledge is Power’. Now in case of a meeting, you have to establish yourself as the most powerful force. To do that, the first thing you need to do is gather maximum knowledge about other people. If it’s your boss, know what he prefers to push, if it’s your friends, know what the majority of the gang wants and if it’s your girlfriend or boyfriend, you must know what  she or he likes. Being informed about others will make you feel good; you can try your view with anyone if you know that he/she is going to fall for it.

Let us take up a scenario in this regard. There is a meeting going to take place in your office to decide on an important issue, and you and your competitors are there to give an opinion. Imagine how commendable it would be when you tell something your boss wants to hear and get big support from him. Bang! You’re on.

In case of a meeting with a client or investor, the information about the other party could prove vital in the short conversation. Everyone likes a person who has got common interests and here is your opportunity to exploit it.

  • Be an expert on what are you meeting:

So you are a small firm, trying to take a foothold in the industry. You need a buyer for the newly manufactured product. Now you arrange a meeting with an interested businessman and during the presentation, you only could put up a blurry picture of your product.

You know what happens next in the imaginary scenario. So to stop yourself from being rejected in a meeting, you need to be thoroughly updated with the specifications. The more all-around, realistic, appealing view you can present your point, the more you get to take the control of the situation. Need another example? Try to suggest a good theater without much knowledge; they will make you shut up in no time!

  • Put on a great show:

We are living in a world of showmanship. What you talk is as important as how you talk. However, you can use this to your favor.You can storm your way into the center of attraction just by using some colloquial, passionate, extravagant words, considering the time and place. Present well and your past performance will not be considered at that moment.

  • Be there on time:

Let us face the truth guys, how many times have you missed an important appointment or have reached late for a meeting? I bet the count will be quite high for most people. Now if you want to impress the other member(s) in a meeting, you must appear early. It is common sense right, I mean how odd will it seem when you reach late in a convocation and try to act like the marshal. Put your punctual mode on and don’t give any chance for your friends to say ‘First you come late and then try to take charge of the proceeding’!

  • Make a human approach:

From the heading, you might be wondering what on earth it is. First come to a realization. How many times has it happened that the meeting has been long, boring, tiresome and has soaked you up totally? Dominance is far from reach; you’d just hope that the meeting ends. Well, the fun fact is most of the people, even your boss feels the same way most of the time. In this case, an out of the box approach might help to ease the mood. ‘I liked your tweet’ or ‘Did you enjoy the match?’ the informal conversation can just be the way for you.

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  • Don’t let them forget you: 

Well in case of business meetings or interviews, it’s very important that you show tenacity and go the distance. ‘Thank you for your time; Hope to meet you soon’ kind of approach will not only lift your position up but also benefit in the long run.

So, all the secrets are unveiled. Now go out there and be the alpha. But ‘Hey!’ Don’t overdo it.

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