Don’t Drop Your Guard On Mobile Security

Don’t Drop Your Guard On Mobile Security

Don’t Drop Your Guard On Mobile SecurityEver suffered the loss of an iPhone? Well it’s not just the cost we should be worrying about; there’s more to it. For a businessman it may contain sensitive information that if breached can drown your company. The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) is also the reason that increases the probability of losing of devices and hence leading the breach. Well there are ways to handle them to reduce the risk of security breach and prevent ourselves from setbacks-

  • Time to ring the bell

The major audience here concerned is the Businessman. It is they who should be aware of the consequences of ignoring the loss of their smartphones or iPhone. But many business owners do not give a thought of security risks of the lost devices. The 2013 AT&T Small Business Data Security Poll reported that only 1/4th of the surveyed people were seriously concerned about the security of their wireless device; a 20% decrease from 2012. Every lost device should be taken care of.

Every time someone loses control of their wireless device, it creates a potential gateway for cyber-crime damaging or even destroying the company. About 55% of U.S. small businesses have suffered a data breach while 53% have suffered the breach multiple times. So first we must be conscious of the loss in a greater horizon.

  • Install mobile security software

Prevention is always better than cure. Best way to handle the unwanted mishap is to install a complete mobile security software package. The feature is smarter than we think.

  • The package encrypt communications, provides firewall, spam and malware filters.
  • Some has GPS tool; it allows tracking the location of devices.
  • There’s also a remote call feature-gives us to hear what’s going on around the device and live chat support to help us out.
  • Using auto lock and remote swipe

Auto lock is the feature that requires to set the time for which our phone shall be inactive before it needs a password to further continue.

Remote wipe is a very interesting and reliable feature. It allows us to completely erase (wipe) the data from the stolen devices. So this gives a little or no room for the security breach.

  • Backup your data-

Notably wiping out the data from the device is a good option (or for other backup purposes) in case it’s lost. But it should have been backed up somewhere else so that we can restore them to a new device. The best option is to have it stored on the cloud-3rd party servers which can later be accessed over the internet when required. Now-a-days cloud providers offer redundant servers for the information to be stored; so if one server goes down other keeps on working.

  • Watch your apps-

There are apps that help a company improve their quality of work and are important for the development. Apps are the most obvious ways to breach your data if the device still is not lost. Downloading certain apps which come with hidden packages, copies our data to alien servers. The viruses and malwares easily infect our devices. So before downloading them their origin and vendors or publishers must be verified.

  • Consider MDM-

Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes with everything that is needed to handle any kind of breach or missing issues of the device. The MDM helps us to guard the device from any kind of intrusion and respond properly to the whereabouts of the device.

The feature is very helpful in every aspect of a mobile manager. If one want to monitor or analyze the mobile spending MDM is there for it. Moreover the cloud-based MDM based offers the feature “set-and-forget” feature that is helpful for the small businesses as we don’t need to be worried of our data every time; what we need is to just set the MDM once and rest is taken care of by it if in future any mishap occurs of loss of device.

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