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Early Bird Gets The Worm – The Most Important Thing You Need to Understand to Become More Productive

Early Bird Gets The Worm – The Most Important Thing You Need to Understand to Become More Productive
Early Bird Gets The Worm The Most Important Thing You Need to Understand to Become More Productive

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One thing that is sure on the way to success is that the early bird always gets the worm.

The most successful people in history and of today have developed the habit of waking up early and getting to work on the one thing they believe in right away. That’s how big dreams are achieved.

You can’t really get far if you sleep in. And a whole day won’t be enough for you to get things done if you don’t start it earlier than you have to and hustle.

So the most important thing you need to understand to become more productive, is that efficiency, focus and motivation are all connected to making the most of your morning.

Here’s why you should become an early bird and maximize your productivity at the same time:

1. You add extra time to your day.

We all get 24 hours. A big part of them is for sleep, then there are the many things we need to take care of, the daily tasks, chores, and more.

What’s left is usually not as much as we’d like. But that can change by simply waking up an hour or two earlier.

That’s so much extra time weekly. If dedicated to the right thing, it can turn into something big.

Basically, you can turn your life around by doing productive work in the early hours of the day.

2. A killer morning routine makes you highly productive.

Morning rituals are the healthy, positive and successful activities people choose to do first thing in the morning.

It’s a great way to kickstart the day and be energetic till the evening.

These can be things like meditating, eating a healthy breakfast, journaling your thoughts, reading something inspirational, a quick workout, or else.

Each can take as little as 5 minutes, but doing it daily will help you become a more successful version of yourself pretty soon.

3. You’ll avoid burnout.

Most people never have the time to just sit quietly, without any distractions around and without anything else they should be doing at the same time.

The early morning gives you all that. It’s the most peaceful and inspiring part of the day. Even if you just sit in silence and drink your coffee slowly, you can still reduce stress in general, be in a better mood, have peace of mind and handle the daily problems later more easily.

That’s the me-time we all need to prevent burnout. And that’s how we can stay on top of our game without ever getting overwhelmed or exhausted.

4. You develop a productivity mindset.

Being up early means you’ll need to do stuff. And getting active from the get go helps you build momentum and keep it this way for the whole day.

Productive people are action-oriented. They don’t sleep in and are always doing something.

So why not wake up earlier tomorrow and plan out your day, define your most important tasks and start working on the first one?

5. You find focus.

Another important thing to know about productivity is that it goes together with finding focus and thus doing more in less time.

What gets in the way, however, is distraction. And it comes in many forms. But in the morning other people are still sleeping, you have the chance to work on an important task and complete it before the day has even started, you’ll then feel accomplished and motivated to keep going.

Focus is important. So make the best use of the morning when there isn’t even any noise to bother you.

That’s why the early bird gets the worm. And that’s how waking up earlier makes you more productive.

Every time you leave bed an hour earlier than you have to, you also increase willpower and are a winner this day. This makes you have a higher opinion of yourself, you build a fantastic habit that all successful people share and you get closer to your goals by being action-oriented.


Sarah Williams is an avid lifestyle blogger, passionate about self-development and human interactions. She loves motivating people to reach their highest potential and get happier relationships with other people. You can connect with Sarah on Wingman Magazine.

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