Email Marketing : A Channel To Improve Your Business

Email Marketing : A Channel To Improve Your Business

Email marketing

Email marketing is a process of finding customers, understand their needs and wants via email, and delivering value to them by providing information about a product or service.

Why should companies use email as a tool of marketing? Let us understand their business objectives. Below listed are some of the business objectives of email marketing.

  • Building community
  • Branding and Awareness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing

 Understanding email marketing in 5 step plan:

  1. Build your list (opt-in), or use existing
  2. Plan Content strategy
  • to get your email opened
  • to get your visitor to your site
  1. Personalize
  2. Delivery in Inbox
  3. Measure

(I) Build your email list

When you want to find the customers to buy a product, as a marketer, you have to create new contacts and make sure that you’re adding new contacts to your email marketing campaigns. You have to build an email list and try to make them your customers.1



(II)Plan content strategy

To get your email opened, you have to create an email where it should provide relevant content and make it useful to customers. You have to rationalize what to include in the email. Make powerful subject lines so that it will attract the users to open your email. In order to increase your open rate, listed below are a few subject lines which may be helpful for email marketers.

  • New White Paper: Best Practices for [problem/solution]
  • Complimentary Webinar: [webinar name]
  • Entry deadline is fast approaching
  • Register Today: [event name and date]
  • Breakfast & Secrets for how to [insert problem you solve]
  • Success Tip: 5 Ways to a Better [xxx]
  • Let me show you how I can solve it
  • Your Weekly Alert: [topic]
  • Marketing on a Tight Budget, Part 1
  • Look like a Star to your Boss with [product/service]


To get your visitor to your site, it can be possible with your content. That will take them to your site. You have to create amazing content where the users stay connected to your website. You have to encourage the users to forward your emails to others so that you can garner more visitors to your website.


(III) Personalize

You have to rationalize what to include in your email to attract the users. Below picture explains better.



Use data to personalize your email.


(IV) Deliver 

  • Deliverability to inbox (SPF records, Domain Keys)
  • Check content for Spam keywords
  • CAN-SPAM laws
  • Measurement of efficacy

Strategy 1: You have to find an opportunity to connect the users


Strategy 2: Create scarcity to take action. You can understand from the below picture.


(v) Measure

How to measure success..? 

  • Open Rate

It is a measure of email marketing campaign by which how many users on an email list open (or view). The open rate is typically explained in terms of a percentage, and we calculate it as follows: So a 40% open rate would mean that of every 20 emails delivered to the inbox, 8 were actually opened.

  • Click through Rate

Click through rate is the rate at which the percentage of visitors to a web page of a particular site through a hypertext link.

  • Leads generated

Success can be measured by online lead generation. Leads, also called as contacts, can be generated for various purposes: email list building, reward programs, and membership subscription programs.

Lead refers to the user interest generation or inquiry into a product or services through the email. It is basically the contact information and in few cases, demographic information about the user who is interested in a product or service.

  • $ Value of leads

After generating the leads, you can measure it through customer purchase behavior and the customer subscriptions programs. Eventually the value of the leads can be calculated.

Email marketing tools. Listed below are a few tools which can be used for marketing in email.

3rd party tools

Mail chimp


Get response

Constant contact

In-house infrastructure

Octet, Mail gun

Advanced Tools



Amazon SES

Following are the top tips for email marketing

  • Never spam, Stay compliant with CAN-SPAM
  • Send Emails Based On Specific User Actions
  • Use great subject line and CTAs (call to action )
  • Do NOT miss out on responsive emails
  • Use personalization
  • Use email remarketing
  • Track response and your conversions PROPERLY

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