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Engagement Marketing: Engage Customers with a Competitive Advantage

Engagement Marketing: Engage Customers with a Competitive Advantage

Engagement marketing

In this article, we have provided the intriguing insights about the concept called as “Engagement marketing” and the key tips to be followed by the companies to succeed with engagement marketing.

Essentially, engagement marketing is a marketing strategy that helps companies to engage with the customers directly and invites and motivates them to contribute and participate in brand evolution. It is well-known fact that instead of looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages, engagement marketers strongly believe that consumers should be proactively involved in the pre-production and creation of various marketing programs, and should develop a healthy relationship with the brand. Engagement marketing is also known as experiential marketing, or event marketing, or on-ground marketing, live marketing, or participation marketing.

Consumer engagement is when a consumer connects with the brand. Essentially, experiential marketing is the live, or one-on-one interactions that provide an opportunity to create connections between consumers and with the brands. Consumers will continue to request and demand one-on-one, valuable interaction with a brand.

For ages, one-off marketing campaigns were the biggest talk of the town. Since the emergence of the Internet, and it is observed that with the rise of social media, the customer behavior has changed drastically.  Since the social media has become an essential and powerful tool for any marketing strategy and almost half of the Facebook users have recommended a brand. But, customers today are in a position to expect their relationship with the brands not just to use the value of their products and services.

In order to get success with engagement marketing, we recommend following key tips for companies:

  • Provide customers’ real value

Always remember, that engagement marketing should lead with the content, not with the products. And that content that we provide must genuinely make sense and useful to your customers. Essentially, you are providing customers’ value in return for their attention.

For instance, a lot of marketing agencies will provide many a marketing automation solutions, and also offers a wide range of guides to help marketers various topics like digital marketing, email marketing, and social marketing etc. Instead of selling its platforms, marketing agencies are requested to advise and inform its customers and followed by earning the right to talk about their products.

  • Build a community.

A major part of engagement marketing is providing customers an opportunity for a conversation not only with your brand but also with each other. We can get that dialogue initiated by asking for opinions and valuable insights, majorly on interesting trends, and get customers together to share in online communities of social media platforms.

For example, Nike traditionally depends on media advertising to promote its concept of “bringing out the athlete in you.” In recent times, Nike move towards customized customer service. Instead of putting all of its valuable resources into a single advertising campaign for sneakers, Nike now advertises by providing customers’ a workout advice and aiding them to build online communities with a theme of fitness. They have started Nike +, a website, which will track one’s fitness progress easily.

  • Inspire people.

Nowadays, not only the people value useful information and their convenience but also, they want to be inspired. There are many ways to inspire people around. We recommend one such way to inspire people is to share your brand’s vision with the customers.

For instance, Corning, a glass company, featured a video called ” A Day Made of Glass”  which exhibits the inspiring possibilities of a typical day in the near future when the high-tech glass it produces and ubiquitous everywhere in the homes and offices of the day to day customers. We advise you to try to demonstrate a picture of the future that is inspiring and shows that your company plays a crucial role in that future. This is highly helpful for companies who are trying to build and take next-generation technology to another level above the line.

  • Offer entertainment value.

Entertainment is a huge opportunity for engagement marketing in addition to being inspired, customers are also looking to be entertained.

For example, “Where’s My Wallet,” an interactive online game Commonwealth Bank. It started an innovative way to promote its new Card less Cash Technology in Australia. The game was open to anyone, with the use of a panoramic map of Sydney; the idea was to find one of 100 lost wallets, which were hidden in the city, each worth a $200 reward. Winners of the game had to go to a Commonwealth ATM to claim their prize using the Cardless Cash product. During the first twelve days of gameplay, “Where’s My Wallet” received 44,000 unique visitors who spent on average 11 minutes on the site.

  • Conversation, and conversation

Maintaining a consistent and useful conversation is an important part of engagement marketing, also known as “always on” approach to marketing so that you are in constant dialogue with customers. In order to achieve this, companies require frequent innovation and creative nature to engage well with the customers, and also not to forget to stay relevant and responsive to customer issues whatever they have. Highly responsive firms are quick to respond service problems through skillful communications that can go viral from the connected customers.

It is always important that the customers should feel like they personal connect with the brand, one that is interesting, offers mutual benefit and maintain a sustainable relationship with the brand, then we can say that marketing works best.

Thus, the ultimate objective of engagement is to build an emotional connection with the brand. Engagement is a process that allows intimacy and advocacy. It is not a single transaction, but an ongoing conversation. You are advised to have constant presence instead of expecting your customers’ to engage in only when you have a product launch.

We strongly recommend you not only focus on the traditional “push” model of marketing campaigns, but also on engagement marketing, as it pulls people in by narrating stories, driving conversations, and addressing customer needs and interests. The main motive is to involve customers in a deeper, more sustained relationship with a given product or brand. The customers can turn out if you only talk to customers about what you sell them. Always keep in mind that the main motto for engagement marketing is to ask not how you can sell, but how you can help. Marketing managers are strongly advised to adopt this technique to enhance company’s brand awareness and engage the people and improve company economic growth.

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