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Entrepreneurial Employee Paradox

Entrepreneurial Employee Paradox
Entrepreneurial Employees

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A recent post in the popular career website “gethiredstayhired” went on to give some tips on the traits of top company’s talents. The post was more than just informational. It was he reflection of reality and real expectations. But it doesn’t bring in you a feeling of confidence that being a top one in a company alone can get you to stay hired. I mean do all top talents remain hired? In the world where even the most talented don’t actually find a permanent job, it is very much essential that we track down to the roots to find what can get you to stay hired. Being a capable talent in the top will ensure that you are one a right track. But what can ensure a secured and the well-settled job is what spirit you possess – Entrepreneurial spirit.

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Top talents as those mentioned in the articles are ones who possess a unique talent to keep innovation up ahead and help them lead the best. They tend to possess an entrepreneurial spirit that makes them the top ones. The firm I was associated with previously had a wonderful work background and culture and I thoroughly enjoyed working there. In fact, most people who worked there felt very much confident and loved to enjoy there. But what struck me the most was the fact that they referred to all the workers as Entrepreneurs or Entrepreneur-In-Residence. While we thought, it did not mean much it did have some influence on us in the later stages. With no financial connection or risks to take we were already entrepreneurs unlike what is usually followed. It does feel weird initially yet it somehow seems like the truth when we started realizing our spirits.  Nothing less but an entrepreneur all together with no such thing as financial connection associated. Obviously what matters the most was the fact that we were not real entrepreneurs. When we look beyond it was just not some random culture. The reality is they are not alone at all. So many companies even today attract entrepreneurial employees who possess in them the spirit and ability to be the start of something completely new and unique, without any financial connection whatsoever.

People who are capable and realize their entrepreneurial spirit leave and start their way new. Once you are an entrepreneur by definition, you are no more working under anyone else. You find the spirit to move beyond barriers such as being bound to the job that you have just managed into. Being a successful entrepreneur will not come by just the moment to walk out. A step by step way of getting to it will be possible.

A paradox one might like to explore –  Entrepreneurial employee paradox.

An article in a leading daily of the country was based on interviews with the leading people from the industry. Google is one such company that has proved to have accepted the fact that it has consciously attracted entrepreneurial employees in the past years. And this has been proven true every single time one of them leaves the company, one opens up ones own startup successfully. These startups might hold simple ideas and secrets behind. The only way it is possible is because the company has somehow sown the seeds of entrepreneurship in them.

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Being the topmost talent in your company is a huge benefit. To get hired and stay in the company, it is very much essential that you possess the necessary entrepreneurial spirit. Once you are from that sort of a background, you will be able to attract successfully the once who are in your company to be hired and to stay.

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