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Era of Data Driven Marketing

Era of Data Driven Marketing
Era of Data Driven Digital marketing

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Data driven marketing is probably what is making life a lot easier for the marketers as well as customers now. It is the mantle that the entire marketing world uses to shield itself against every problem that tends to pull it down. Marketers can now target their sales to a particular population of interested consumers. Also, it keeps the mailboxes of the consumers clutter free, for they receive mails weaved to match their shades of interest and no unnecessary junk. By carefully monitoring the transactions of the consumers with various retailers, a clear picture of what will sell where can be formed. Once this is done, marketing and selling becomes a piece of cake. Today, this method is so widespread that almost nothing ever gets marketed without going through the filter of data driven marketing schemes.

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And now comes the big question. Where do the marketers get the data from? Well, there are quite a number of ways:

  • Analysing data from shops or retailers
  • Social media
  • Customer reviews and surveys
  • Consumer feedbacks
  • Various organisations also offer business to business data

In fact, customer data is available in plenty. The challenge lies in organizing, analysing and then cleverly sorting out techniques to make the best out of the data in hand.

The Importance of Relationships

Merely formulating methods based on the received data will not be very effective. It needs a streak of human touch for a wider radius of reach amongst the public. The consumer should feel attracted to a particular product on a personal level, which means the marketers need to build healthy relationships with their consumers. Now, this means instead of looking merely at profits, the marketers need to step back a little and look at the big picture just as how a consumer would look at it.

Like for example, consider a tours and travels company. Say, someone falls sick during a tour. The company can call back after a few days to check if the consumer is fine. Little acts of humanity like this will touch hearts and make more and more people fall in love with the product or service. In other words, it builds a wonderful relationship that extends a bit beyond the professional boundary between the marketer and the customers.

What the Customers Expect

The era of digital marketing has been well established, with its roots stretching far and wide into a lot of remote areas too. Though there are places yet to be conquered, the rule has been established and all the remaining battles are relatively smaller ones. This means that a majority of the world’s population knows about the comforts it can offer and they expect it to provide the same or probably even more if possible.

Shopping is no longer something done out of need. It is something from which a lot of people derive pleasure from, an experience to be precise. Now, with this experience going online, people expect a wonderful experience that seamlessly blends ease with a lot of choices to browse and pick from. They expect the choices to be filtered according to their taste. Now, this is exactly where data driven marketing will play its part beautifully.

For any marketer, the customer is the royalty and attending to every needs of the consumers is what will make any business flourish. And, what better way can there be other than data driven marketing?


This is probably one of the biggest challenges faced by data driven marketing. As the consumer base increases, so will the complexity. This kind of marketing relies entirely on technology as well as the IT field executives who will decipher all the data. It is good to keep all data as clear and simple as possible, because a simple complication now will eventually grow into a big mountain, enough to overwhelm even the most experienced. So, whenever new technologies are incorporated, they must be first analysed after a few days to check their efficiency and then, kept regular tabs on.

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Everything said and done, it ultimately lies entirely in the hands of the marketer to wield this extremely powerful tool wisely. A simple act can make it or break it. Everyone knows that data driven marketing is indeed the answer but what exactly is the question? That seems to be the million dollar question here. Marketers should choose innovative and captivating techniques, learn from not only the mistakes but also the success stories of others.

It is the unique strategies that will make the able one stand out from the rest of the world. So, all marketers, pool in all your resources to come up with brilliant ideas to put to use the maximum of what the IT field has gifted you.

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