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Eradicating Social Failures from Social Marketing

Eradicating Social Failures from Social Marketing
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Welcome to the digital global village of today, where without social networking, you just cannot market your products efficiently enough. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on. Just offline marketing will get you nowhere near even the quarter percent mark that you need to reach for a successful response. Everyone has one electronic device or the other which he or she uses to connect with the world. People spend or rather, waste a lot of time online. So, why not harness this platform and utilise the time to advertise products? That is how online marketing came into existence.

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Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, a renowned professor at the International Institute of Management Development has penned down his thoughts on this subject into a book that goes by the name, ‘A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media’. Innovative strategies to attract customers using social media is the need of the hour and if you are on the lookout for some helpful tips, this is the book to indulge yourself in. By the time you are done with the book, you will be a wiser marketing executive brimming with ideas refined by the author’s strategies to taste victory.

He uses three main concepts to illustrate this concept of social marketing strategy.

  • Social failures
  • Social solutions
  • Social strategy

With these three, social marketing can be outlined and pictured very clearly for you to understand your mistakes and start improvising on them as soon as possible.

Social Failures

No, this is not a person. This is a marketing drawback which is classified into two sub types. One is the ‘meet’ failure, where you are unable to connect with new people and market your services or products to them. The next is the ‘friend; failure when you are unable to connect with people you are already acquainted with and market to them. Both these will drag down your marketing quite considerably.

And sometimes, they are interconnected too. When you overcome the friend failure, the news of your success will rapidly spread and you will eventually overcome the meet failure fairly quickly too. Since, one leads to another, concentrate on eradicating the friend failure first. The reverse strategy will also work but it helps to begin with what we are already familiar and are at ease with.

Social Solutions

These are solutions to the issues of social failures. Each solution must be carefully planned to combat the problems. The company will require to make decisions at this stage on how its interaction with the public is going to be. These are very major decisions for the company and have to be made after a lot of thought, analysis and discussions. As these vary for each company, it will play a role in determining who rivals against whom and who will reach the top and who will stay there. This is merely an example. There are lot more decisions to be taken that fall under this category of social solutions. Of course, each one is as important as the other and must be decided very carefully after looking at all innate details.

Social Strategy

Now this, is the most important of all. This means using social platforms efficiently to the very best to market products. A lot of companies tend to advertise too frequently, which basically irritates the customers rather than attracting or urging them to buy the product. This happens to be yet another form of social failure, and a very common one too. A good marketing strategy must advertise well but also must know its boundaries and limits as to when to push hard and when to back off.

You need to deliver according to the type of social media. Each one has its own style and be sure you are familiar with it before you plunge in.  An average person will not want to sit and spend time reading up every description that you post. Your message must be crisp and to the point yet alluring. You can provide links so that the customers can look up what they are interested in instead of posting full-fledged description on each and every product and service.

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The Magnitude of Social Platforms

The number of people using social platforms keeps growing year by year. It would be an understatement to say more than half the world’s population can be found on social media. Now with such a powerful tool in hand, it would be a cardinal sin to underuse it. So, it is time for you to go by the book and watch your new marketing strategies transform your company into one of the most loved and sought after ones by the people.


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