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Essential Life Skills for High Schoolers Entering College

Essential Life Skills for High Schoolers Entering College
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Students are sent to colleges to get higher education and proper qualification. Also to their academic pursuits, they will be learning about life and the real world. An education should involve learning life skills that a person should carry to college in order to compete and adjust with the outside world and can also navigate relationships and career, so that they become a well and successful human being. Though high school and colleges are excellent in teaching many vulnerable skills, our current academic curriculum does not teach many aspects necessary to succeed  in life such as managing financial responsibilities and investments, how to think logically- retaining information and how to apply such abilities to the real world scenarios. There are some basic skills to know before entering in college.

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The first and very basic thing is to know how to do laundry. It sounds simple, but many students arrive at college never having had to do any washing stuff. So give them a lesson before heading to a college. Though many students have already done the stuff before but for those who don’t know how to separate white from pink and end up having all clothes as pink, take some help to understand the logic. So spend a few minutes to make them learn how to separate colors or select detergent. Applying proper temperature and softener or bleach is also a thing to know. Make sure he does not bring tons of dirty clothes for laundry when he visits home.

Many students eat their meals in student dining halls. Mess food has improved vastly since many years. In many colleges, hostel mess has food coordinator from among the student, so they take the food quality and quantity very sincerely. They also provide the hostel students with complaint box for if they find any complaint about the food. Or perhaps the student opted to live outside college hostel in an apartment- either on or off campus. Of course, there are lots of frozen and prepared meals are available, but a few basic kitchen skills are helpful. And also students enjoy some of the foods they remember from home. Make sure your child must possess few basic recipes from home.

Many students living in hostel adopt some junk food habits of eating lots of fast food and consume unhealthy beverages. Understanding a bit about healthy foods and a balanced diet may help them avoid several diseases and obesity and may help them when they are faced with the wide array of offerings in their dining hall.

Most students have had a job throughout high school, have been receiving paychecks, and may have had a checking account. Other students learn to manage their account before heading to college. Make sure your child knows how to manage a checkbook and knows the importance of balancing it. Now most of the transactions and managing checkbooks are done by automated teller machine so he should be comfortable with electronic banking.

Many students bear credit card before heading to college. Having a credit card can be a wonderful way to begin to establish a credit history and a beneficial thing to have in an emergency. But at the same time it can be dangerous as most students misuse it and ultimately fall into debt. Make sure he understands the importance paying the credit card bill and understands the term annual percentage rate or the APR, bill paying deadlines, credit card policies, etc.

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Most important skill for a college student is efficient time management. At college, a student has a great deal of free time and how to use and structure that time makes the difference between a student who struggles and the one who succeeds. Help your child thinks about how to handle big projects, how to plan ahead, how to use a calendar to keep track of assignments and commitments. This may be the biggest advantage and success tool that you give them.

There are certainly many other life skills that a student needs to learn and work on it before he heads off to college. However, if they learn the basic few skills, then they might or definitely will follow the path to success.

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