Exploring A City Through The Eyes Of A Drone

Exploring A City Through The Eyes Of A Drone
Exploring A City Through The Eyes Of A Drone

Image Source: DOC ZONE

Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle which does not require a human pilot. Most of us have an idea of drone but have not seen it in reality. Drones can be low-flying, high-flying, tiny or huge; they can be silent or noisy, super-visible or not visible at all. We can add lights, microphones, sensors, robotic arms, wave cancellation technology, or wave enhancement technology. They are even meant to take over the logistics and delivery systems sooner or later and other things which would reduce traffic snarls among other problems.

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Drones might not be delivering stuff like pizza to us as yet but the industry is rapidly growing and maybe one day the city skies are filled with the buzzing aircraft. Now, imagine what it would look like to travel the city with the perspective of a drone. Visualize going on an excursion to explore the city through the eyes of a drone.

An architect Liam Young and musician John Cale are UK based and working on this phenomenon as to how would it look like to fly with the eyes of a drone, seeing what a drone could see. The sound of a typical city is resonated with a soundscape built from the whirring engines and rotors of the drones. The city life is reduced to planes and surfaces, having various patterns.

It is believed that these drones would reshape the urban landscape and soundscape. It would completely change the way we live today. So, our living will is completely transformed when drones will become a reality. Like pigeons, drones will be seen in city skies. If you are in such a drone, imagine what everything will look like. This is exactly what Cale and Young are doing. To give a real life experience of looking through a drone.

The buildings and neighborhoods are replicated digitally. Simple algorithms are used that reduces the complexity of the city. Young is also working on various other possibilities. He is interested in how buildings may evolve based on the needs of drones. We’re at an interesting point with drone technology where they’re just as the edge of being cheap enough to become democratized. Young and Cale also collaborated on a live performance with a “drone orchestra” at the Barbican Theater in London.

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Samples from Cale’s original soundscape compositions echo across the landscape as we see the city through the eyes of the drone flying between the buildings, buzzing endlessly, in an amazing audio visual choreography. Cale in collaboration with Liam Young now wants to explore the soundscape of a new generation, the distant sounds of drones; to be set against the visual beauty of Young’s designed flying machines. Typically associated with militarized applications, each drone is re-purposed here as both disembodied instrument and dynamic audio infrastructure.

This technology makes the city experience an exhilarating one.

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