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Facebook Advertising in 2017 

Facebook Advertising in 2017 

Facebook is hailed as the crown jewel of social media landscape and its ads are certainly some of the hottest digital marketing tools. There is no doubt that this network is an indispensable platform for marketers across the globe, but there are many moving parts to keep track of. What is more, trends come and go and something that was effective a few months ago may prove to be unprofitable today. So, what does 2017 have in store for us and how to stay on top of the game?

Monetary Streams

Facebook is an immense ocean of opportunities for marketers, but one has to know where to dive in and how to look for the treasure. First off, while many trends have brought forth increased advertising options for brands, the officials have announced that ad load will be less effective in driving revenue growth throughout 2017. This suggests that the social media giant will provide new means of reaching customers.

At the same time, Facebook ponders on monetization models. For now, brands are encouraged to create pages for organic traffic generation and adopt monetized bots. What is more, Facebook has enabled brands to purchase Newsfeed ads to target bots at specific groups. This is just one stage of the master plan, and in the next one, the monetization is expected to integrate ads with live streams.

It is worth mentioning that albeit they can create a considerable amount of buzz, video ads do not foster an overly impressive direct response. In other words, you may be able to transmit a message, but not accomplish a good cost per impression. Those that want to harness the full power of video advertising are probably better off picking another platform.

Winds of Change

Still, the Facebook ad toolset is strong in many other areas. It is compatible with sets of ads that target customers across multiple devices automatically. However, in order to make the most of this opportunity, marketers should note that various devices involve different behavior patterns and requirements. Hence, it is a good idea to break down ad sets according to the device they run on.

Furthermore, as we have mentioned, Facebook advertising constantly evolves. Likewise, Facebook bids are sensitive to seasonal changes. The price depends on several variable factors, with the number of accounts bidding on a specific target the most prominent one. This implies that marketers need to embrace a flexible approach and change their strategies on the go.

The Message

Finding additional ways to communicate with the audience and convey your messages is paramount to the effectiveness and reach of your advertising campaigns. One thing a marketer can do is utilize audience insights as a method of targeting consumers. Namely, you can adjust your aim in regards to customer behavior, shopping habits, financial situation, etc.

There is also an option to display the ads to audiences that are similar to the ones you are already targeting. This is similar to lookalike targeting and poses another way to boost visibility. Also, notice that Facebook has begun testing CTA buttons for local business pages, which allows users to perform various actions directly from Facebook pages.

Click by Click

A feature set is enriched with novelties on a regular basis. One of the major innovations is a click to chat ad option. It enables marketers to launch campaigns that are built around customer service. One can set them up via click to website campaign type. It seems that their application is the strongest in the area of remarketing, as it allows customers to come up with questions about the offerings they have expressed interest in.

Finally, bear in mind that the audience network is still far from ideal in terms of driving quality traffic. Fortunately, it is possible to limit the exposure on the network. The first approach is to leave out certain website categories and stop displaying ads on them. Alternatively, marketers may upload the list of websites to exclude in advance.  Either way, there should be a notable improvement in the ad performance.

An Open Book

The world of advertising is changing at a breakneck speed and the booming ecosystem of Facebook is no exception. For better or worse, ads on this platform do require extensive maintenance and constant fine-tuning. In any regard, knowing how to leverage Facebook ads is the key to marketing greatness. So, try to stay alert and agile at all times, and you will be able to gain an edge over the competition. Navigate the restless waters with winds in your sails and you will be able to have a head start in 2017.

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