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Use Facebook to get hired

Use Facebook to get hired
get hired using facebook

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In this fast moving world of technology, FaceBook has emerged as the most popular social- networking site of connecting people from throughout the globe. Recently, it has also hit 1 billion users in a single day. Many businesses and companies use this platform to connect to people. One way is to promote your business and create awareness and other is the recruiters find it easy to research their candidates.

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Surveys proves its high usage to recruit

As per recent surveys and the most important Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 66 percent recruiters are the ones that choose to use FaceBook to recruit.

People who are very much active on finding a job for them over FaceBook must keep few pointers in mind to cover some uncovered high job opportunities. These are as follows:

  • Audit

In order to conduct an audit, you must go on the search engine and type your name. By doing so, you will see a list of people and the links to their profile. You can now go the link which has the access to your profile. Keeping a check at your status update is also equally important. If it shows globe it is public and when it shows inverted triangle it is friends. These settings can be changed as per your wish.

  • Privacy settings

Mostly this area is unexplored by the new users and even daily users for long time but it is important to know that it is most important feature by which you can keep your account private and safe. It is considered wise to look at these settings if these are kept unexplored by you. You can choose from multiple options by categories such as: Who can contact me? Who can see my stuff etc.You can even hide yourself from some people who will not be able to find you through search engines due to these privacy settings.

  • Finding job leads

FaceBook must not be known as the platform to search jobs but can be used as a medium if you choose to search by the city and word job to find jobs through groups or people who share such advertisements or contacts.

  • Professionalism

Being too much friendly and sharing anything which is not be shared on FaceBook is over professional and must always be avoided. It is the most common mistake which mostly all the job seekers do. You must never engage in writing bad stuff about your previous job or employer and even current job.

  • Filling your profile or update

In order to make the recruiters know much about your past working experience, hobbies, skills etc you must keep every detail of yours updated in the profile so that they can check directly from there and have an idea about how you are and what you do.

  • Network

In order to let people know about your colleges, schools you must fill up the updates by adding school or college name and also joining the alumni group or page. You must participate in discussions in groups by engaging in discussions going on at a page of a company so as to get connected with the employees handling those accounts. You can even search for the people who are working in the company which you have a dream to work in.

  • Grip on social media

You need to understand that the job seekers, who are not active on FaceBook or choose to be active by improper means, fail to grab attention of job providers. It is thus advantage for their competition to grab the opportunity by being active.

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Thus, these social networking sites especially FaceBook is playing a major role in recruiting lots of people by making them connected and by encouraging interaction at different levels. If you use it appropriately, you can find jobs that have potential. It is also because the job providers like to give jobs to the persons with whom they are familiar with.

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