Feel the Art of Automation Testing with OneTestSolution.Com

Feel the Art of Automation Testing with OneTestSolution.Com
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For a lot of software professionals, an entire gamut in terms of experience, from freshers to the seasoned who are looking for career switches or just want to augment their skills in the field of software development are highly enthused by the career in software testing automation tools. There are various growth opportunities that exist in the India and abroad and particularly in the field of software automation testing.

The seasoned software industry professionals do accord a lot of credence to the skills of the software testing professionals and the knowledge of automation tools are of significant importance.

The software industry as an integral part of the IT service sector can be broadly classified into the software development and the software testing which are in a way two inseparable teams working in tandem throughout the development life cycle of any software.

To be more specific today a software testing professional assumes a similar kind of responsibility that a developer has. In fact it’s widely agreed that a software testing professional need to possess a huge set of skills involving programming language for the testing automation tools.

For instance with expertise in CodedUI/VSTS, Selenium and/or SOAPUI, a candidate shall never be in want of a job in the field of software development or testing. He or she should acquire knowledge in a combination of best of programming and automation testing skills.

Benefits of Automation Testing:

Inherent Benefits of Automation testing lie in the fact that it’s Programmable, Repeatable, Reusable, ensure Faster Execution and as such Easy to Maintain. All types of testing can be automated and the scope of this area is expanding by the day thanks to lesser human effort.

As per the experts, software testing can help a passionate coder propel his career significantly. A tester can augments his skills in automation and scripting tools and develop his knowledgebase in frameworks namely, CodedUI, MSTest, JUnit, , Ruby, Selenium, PERL scripting etc. to start with. Some of other popular automation tools in the industry are VSTS, SOAPUI, Sahi, AutoIt and Robotium to add a few more names to it.

The Automation Testing Tool Industry, size of which is touted to be in the range of $ 2 to 3 Billion, is a niche which is highly sought after in the profession of Software testing. A lot of web-centric businesses and ventures have come into existence and especially in the wake of the accelerated development of the tech start up ecosystem in India. Tech clients with higher proportion of web-centric affairs derive immense amount of time and cost benefits thanks to Automation.

What does a career in Test Automation offers to the professionals:

1) Clients these days are going the automation way and prefer exploring the various levels of SDLC to identify areas where they can introduce such tools to automate.

2) A professional in the Test Automation also has an opportunity to cultivate good business knowledge and are being increasingly looked at as an independent doers by the software industry.

3) Automated test packages are helping the clients in saving time by ensuring quicker updation of the standard applications and products in the market. Besides, a client waiting for more several cycles to realise the Return on Investment (ROI) is a rarity these days.

4) A seasoned Test Automation expert is also expected to churn out an overall automation strategy for the application development life cycle. More so as these automation professionals chip in at every stage of the life cycle and ensure a seamless integration of the strategic milestones as laid out in the beginning. This process has not only contributed to cost effectiveness but also enhanced the prestige of the professional of software testing manifold.

As per the industry captains, Test automation experts will remain as strong as candidates and are expected to develop utilities to reduce the manual testing work and the test data generation work.

The demand for automation and performance testing has been going northwards as such a good knowledge of scripting languages of these tools are of prime importance in test automation. An efficient automation tester needs to be thorough in terms of creation, validation and enhancement of the framework for test automation.

Learning Test Automation Tools are lot easier now than it was before in India:

In this era of digitalisation where the global citizens are moving towards things digital in every facet of their lives, so has the education sector and particularly the field of Micro-learning. Presently in India although in terms of offline classroom training, there are not many options on Automation Testing learning facilities especially the Coded UI, with the advent of newer education technology ventures or the popularly call Ed tech companies with various LMS, education has become very student friendly in terms of travelling and learning convenience .

One Test Solution (OTS) proudly avows its online training modules on Automation Testing, as it is the sole provider of training on coded UI in the online education space. Classes are conducted on the following format and one can avail the program in any one of the following ways:

  • Live Training is imparted to the participants who can also subscribe to those videos for a period of 1 year post conclusion
  • Video Subscription or the pre-recorded content similar to that of the live training module yet easy on pocket.

OTS has also established its presence in the field of corporate training with several highly modifiable packages.

The physical presence in the class is gradually becoming a  redundant concept with new and more innovative synchronous study environments and so is  One Test Solution, a highly rated online academy for software automation testing tool training in the internet education space, has gained immense popularity amongst the student fraternity. OTS, brainchild of Mr Raj Kishore Dwivedi leads a team of Automation Architects by profession and has been offering consulting training and outsourcing services in the field of software testing.

One Test Solution, as an online academy in the field of automation testing, has emphasized on the relevance of Coded UI in the field and has made efforts to show how it stands out in the crowd. As per Gartner Special Reports, which covers time-sensitive IT research works, the major IT players use .Net and Java for 80-85% application development. And to meet their testing needs Coded UI has  become the first choice as a testing framework with Visual Studio. Looking at the market potential, OTS chose to bridge the huge demand-supply gap , given the dearth of Coded UI professionals in the industry.  Today, One Test Solution, with its illustrious ex-MS team members, claims to be the best fits filling up this lacuna as their core expertise lies in CodedUI/VSTS/TFS/MTM.

OTS comes in the industry with expertise in Web Services/ API Automation using SOAPUI/SOAPUI PRO with GROOVY, functional automation testing using CODEDUI (VSTS) with C# and behavior Driven Development using CUCUMBER & Selenium.

OTS delivers each course from basics to expert level along with AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK DEVELOPMENT.

•        Functional Automation Testing using CodedUI/VSTS with C#
•        Web Services/API Automation using SOAPUI/SOAPUI PRO with GROOVY
•        Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber & Selenium
•        Basics to Expert Level with Framework Development
•        Training illustration with Real Time Scenarios

“Your confidence derives our quality, Learn the ART of Automation with US” is the mantra at OTS.

One Test Solution also maintains its You Tube Channel very actively, where one can find lot of valuable resources related to automation testing/training, one can view and subscribe One Test Solution in you tube from the URL (, also people can buy the video and enrol for training from OTS official website ( As the leader of One Test Solution, Mr. Dwivedi, has built the team of most prolific author in the stream of software testing and has crafted a unique curriculum that could serve as a backbone for organizations and individuals, wishing to ensure quality software testing methods.

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