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Financial decisions can change your life

Financial decisions can change your life
Financial Decisions in Life

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What is more unfortunate than to be both rich and unhappy at the same time? The reason for this unhappiness is not your increasing financial wealth or decreasing emotional quotient but actually results from some unplanned, neglected and rash financial decisions that you might have taken at some point of time in your lives. This is a new rising trend of the modern urban age as people know how to generate wealth, accumulate it in their lockers as liquid cash or hoard it through other assets like real estate; but they do not know how to save it well, how to plan it for their future, how to invest wisely or how to stack it well. There are three basic steps that need to be taken consciously in order to secure a comfortable and financially planned future for yourself and your loved ones.

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These decisions can literally dictate the quality of your lives and take it from the ground to the sky. In case these decisions are not taken properly or wisely, you shall end up being stressed financially, exhausted emotionally and tense in the physical state. It is vital to balance out your financial worries using these three simple steps.

  • Firstly, choose your focus:

If one is not focused, one’s attention may waver from one thing to another or jump from one place to another without concentrating on any singular thought, idea or object. Also it is important to focus on the present moment as it is the only point in time which can be controlled by you, albeit partially. The past has already slipped out of your hand and the future is yet to be seen so the only thing at hand is the present moment which needs to be seized. If one can develop the habit of appreciating what one has and tries to create something creative out of the resources at hand, he/she might be successful. Another pattern of focus that is common with people is that they focus the most on what they cannot essentially control or have. This is a depleting habit as it tends to shift concern from what you can actually achieve in your life. If you tend to focus only on what you cannot have, you will be the reason for your stress.

  • Secondly, figure things out:

It is important to figure certain things out in life. The quality of your life is to control what you can and let go of what you cannot. A change in focus can change your life. So it is important to change what you focus on. The main thing is to create ‘meaning’ as meaning creates ‘emotion’ and emotions are very important in making decisions, good and wise decisions.

  • Lastly, control your actions:

There are two types of reactions to major emotions, one is to pull through and the other is to push back. Some people react by being disconnected from the world and express their anger quietly. And some people express it violently or aggressively. Some people look for a passive aggressive approach. If you want to change your life, it is important to change what you focus on. Also it is extremely important to select an appropriate role model for the same. It is equally important to build meaningful relationships out of the emotions created by meaning. Thus, it is important to choose wisely and make careful and calculated decisions for the same.

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We can see how important the process of decision making and creating meaning out of the existing relationships we have in life is. Be it the relationships with our ideas or with our family and friends or the ones with our finances, in order to lead a stress-free life; be creative.


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