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Find a job after a long hiatus

Find a job after a long hiatus
finding a job after a gap a long hiatus

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Hard work is a rare quality in today’s world. If given an option to work for something and getting it while munching on bag of nachos, the majority would prefer the latter. This lethargic epidemic is caused due to the influence of numerous elements that were initially created to reduce stress or make one’s job easier rather than compromising the whole idea of working. The whole idea of a human’s incentive to work lies around the reward that he/she receives. That reward comes in many shapes and sizes but today it mainly is valuable, green and has no limit of need.

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Many people today take an off from a job or internship just because their only incentive to work is abundant for them in that period. When their resources get exhausted, the need to find a work to sustain their future increases. But due to the gestation period that they created, their probability to find a job reduces drastically. This is due to the market catering to potential employees who have been in touch and are aware of the current situation of the market.

There are many reasons that people opt for an employment gap in their professional career. The reasons can be formal such as ill-treatment or growing uncomfortable to the present environment of work forcing one to take break from it. The reason can also be social such as prioritising the development of a stable family. Due to these and numerous other reasons, these gaps successfully break the rhythm of connection between the employer and the market. In this ever changing market, a little gap can have ramifications that ricochet to the period that follows. As a result the employers are reluctant in employing people who have has this gap.

There are many things that a job seeker finding a job after a gap must consider.

  • Analysis

He must consider the activities that he/she has been carrying out whilst being was away from the market. This provides the employment seeker to distinguish the skills that has been used during the period. These skills along with presentation skills can be development over a little time which would increase the possibility of landing a job manifold. The refined skills can be used as the node of connection between the market and your abilities giving the employer an incentive to invest the company’s resources to acquire one’s services.

  • Presenting it in a resume

After the job-seeker determines his/her skills that one has been developing throughout the employment gap, one has to look at the way that the set is presented to the company. The main challenged faced by most of the job seekers is not acquiring skills or certification but is convincing the company in a legitimate way and convincing them to invest in one’s abilities and skills. To achieve a good first impression, one must present and market himself in an organised and managed way. The resume should first contain the summary of your past career. It should include all the major achievements and skills acquired in the past job period. This give the employer an idea of how productive one can be. The next topic should be about the accomplishments and work done by one in their previous companies thus highlighting the growth and potential of an employee. The next topic should be the main resume that highlights one as a potential contender for the job and the details relevant to his candidature. Only relevant details should be shown in the resume and all the details should be arranged in an elegant and professional manner.

  • Branding oneself online

Internet is one of the most important phenomenon today. It has become an inseparable part of day to day functioning of humans and firms. Therefore, maintaining one’s presence online is important to increase one’s chance of getting employed. One should always maintain professional connections on the online realm via medium such as LinkedIn. This defines one’s significance and relevance in the market and how unique is one with respect to the others.

  • Volume of Presentation

There are numerous events that occur in one’s life during the employment gap. While searching for a job, one must avoid displaying false events and instances that could ultimately be busted which could result in an intense situation. At the same time, one should avoid displaying irrelevant information that are insignificant in getting one a job and which can in-turn raise the eyebrows of the recruiters.

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Entering the job market after a gap is a humongous task not meant for the fragile and weakly focused. It involves one being judged more rigorously than a fresh applicant because of his/her decision to take a gap period away from job. But due to the expanding domain of the world, most companies understand and consider such candidates.

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