I fired my top sales person: A broad outlook

I fired my top sales person: A broad outlook
Fire your top sales person

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In an exemplary world, all of us want to succeed, with our main criteria to choose the real hero among the group of colleagues who deserve to work effectively. There is a point when you are faced with a dilemma of when should you decide to fire a sales person and that decision is difficult to make with embedded consequences. A sales person is fired only when they are not able to deliver a certain goal, lack motivation to succeed and are not fit for the company at an organizational level.

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Years ago, I founded a marketing business that was direct and influential. The market that we dealt with was basically home computing, and the networking activities were not frequent commerce channel. Our business was talked, outsourced, and generated by Emailing hundreds, thousands catalogs and the orders were done by phone or through E-mails.

We were not a big enterprise. We grew our company to a high of about 60 employees. The highlight part of our organization was a call centre that was in house that managed phone orders of different customers, questions of pre sales, customer service problems and so on. As the group was small there was a variety of call patterns that were handled differently.

Our phone system and handling marketing software’s directly were initially capable of achieving new possibilities and produced statistics that showed prominence in individual performance and accomplishments. Hardware and software’s were upgraded to a high level in our company that was able to produce efficient data that was usable. We focused on certain factors like the number of calls taken from the time spent on each call. Everything from A to Z was noticed which resulted in a contrary correlation.

A top performer will always do their metrics well. They will work effectively with perseverance It is not the number of calls you take it is how to work effectively.

If a top performer has a flaw, it is their manner of connecting and interacting with the customers. That person would not be fussy or warm on the phone or in person. The talk would rather be a precise matter of facts straight forward and up to mark. Such people do not believe in chit chat what matters to them are the final outputs the result. To them questions like what is the weather today or unnecessary questions do not hold relevance. At times customers think such manners as abrupt and disturbing.

In such centers, listening is very important. One should listen to what the other is trying to say and thus the sayings hold certain relevance. Being patient is the key as anger will lead to destruction and sideline you from your own self. It was just a matter of making her friendlier as at no cost we could lose a person that increased our sales in such a limited span of time with excellent result. There was no question of firing such people that are like sales machine that have an ultimate sense of working in an organization.

The way in which she dealt with telephonic conversation was improved but to accomplish a transformation in the overall personality that is hard to achieve. The frequency of her complaints was higher than her sales. Then a decision was initiated of calculating the average of sales and the results were shocking! The rating was below average.

One of the main reasons why the sales person is fired can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Target set for him are missed on continuous basis
  • The behavior of the person with the client is unprofessional
  • He’s unable to take his entire team into confidence and motivate them for meeting set goals.
  • His character is not above the board
  • He’s unable to deliver the products timely
  • They are not capable to work in a work environment
  • They lack motivation to succeed
  • They are not able to meet the profits or make progress in the company
  • Lack expertise
  • Lack the idea of will do the work positively and effectively

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For the good of the company or organization it is very essential to have appropriate sales person who can provide profit to the company at a reasonable amount of time. There are times when someone is not performing well have a word with that person and tell them how things have to be laid precisely in an effective way and by what time or duration it needs to be done to let the sales person get on to work. If in some way the person is not able to meet the assigned work sufficiently that is the time to fire them out and take a decision that is important for the company as well as for company profits.

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