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Former Intel CEO Says You Can Be A Great Boss By Doing Nothing

Former Intel CEO Says You Can Be A Great Boss By Doing Nothing

Former Intel CEO
Mark Zuckerberg may be one of the youngest entrepreneurial successors but even he had to hire a CEO to learn the basics of how to lead. Along with his brilliant rise as a founder he had to gain knowledge on how to be a manager as well. Simply being the founder and CEO for a rising company wasn’t enough.

Of course, leadership is tough, even for the people who are naturally gifted with it, that’s because after a point it does feel unnatural.

One has to get trained to overcome the natural responses that one encounters during regular social communication and get satisfied with the behavior of being liked while continually providing feedback and evaluating.

Hard work is not the only thing you need to succeed, but once you get on the CEO position, your job won’t resemble any work at all and it might end up being incredibly uncomfortable.

For Andy Grove, a management hero and former CEO of Intel, a manager’s fundamental job of information gathering can be the most unnatural and awkward for some people. Yet it is important to deal with that awkwardness, even inviting it, is also a necessary part to get accepted as a good leader.

Grove revealed the secret for us, there’s an efficient solution — but underused because it seems to be an uncomfortable — way to get information: To be open and out to your company, the secret is to do nothing.

Why one should choose to do nothing?

Really do nothing?

For beginner founders, this is a big NO NO. After all, it was you who got your idea into action, who met the right people and mingled with the people to execute funding. You were the one who made all the decisions and got everything on track. Though some founders decide to back out at this point and hire a professional manager but for those who want to stick to it and maintain a leadership role, you have to let go a bit.

The methods are way easier than you imagine them to be, but it is important that you feel vulnerable and appear that you’re not doing anything at all.

In the present time , young leaders are passionate, enthusiastic and driven by a force. And through this same force, it can be hard to adapt, one should give it a try. Do not be only focused on your output, or being an example for the others by staying away from company because while doing this you’re being unavailable for interaction and your employees feel that they are bothering or disturbing you, therefore information exchange does not happen and becomes less frequent.

The comfort and openness with your employees can make you cross the barriers and interact on the lower level as well, which eliminates formality.

Interaction and mouth to mouth conversations are important, as stated by Grove. Take out time and plan to do this “non-effortful work”, though it does feel unnatural and awkward but be open and vulnerable to people around you.

Management of Doing Nothing

Here are three tips which one should consider when trying to ‘do nothing:’

  1. Take a stroll around the office you are working in, without planning task in mind. Practice that easy pace, and avoid the inclination of being seen as always working.
  2. Talk to your employees — be it on any position and irrespective of you knowing them or no. Find out their difficult points and make some real effort to find a solution. Doing this, people will view you as an approachable manager.
  3. Avoid being friends with all your employees even if you have shared your past together. A manager cannot be viewed as biased, even if that employee helped you with this great idea of your company.
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