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Make Friday The Most Productive Day Of The Week

Make Friday The Most Productive Day Of The Week
Make Friday The Most Productive Day Of The Week

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A week comprises five working days as Saturday and Sunday are most of the time considered to be non-working at many places. Unfortunately as employees move towards the 5th working day of the week, Friday, they seem to get restless by the end of Thursday. Most people lose interest in work in the week. The tendency to go slow and year for the weekend is not only prevalent amongst employees but also is extremely common among the students. This is not just a mere restatement of an opinion but a fact as there are many surveys and case studies which have proven this so-called serious problem.

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Some of them are given below. In a survey, the interesting result was that only 3% make use of Friday productively or think of Friday as the most productive day in their offices. In another study that went on for 1,001 days on some of the powerful women, it was found that they work for 2 hours lesser on Friday than they work on Wednesday.

So it is going on in this way. But is there any reason known for this? The answer to this question would be “No, there is no reason Fridays are not found productive”. Some say what and how much a company makes out of Friday shows the sincerity of that organization. Looking at the above analogy, most of the organizations would be anxious to make the Fridays productive.

Now the tough question is how can they do it? Here are some tips how companies can bring out the most out of their employees as much as they can on Fridays.

PLAN FOR THE WEEK BEFORE YOU ARE IN IT AND HAVE TEAM MEETINGS ON FRIDAYS. Usually, the staff meeting is set on Monday mornings to discuss their work in the week. This doesn’t appear to be effective. Planning before you enter the week is the awesome thing that you can do. So arrange these Planning Sessions on Fridays. In these meetings, discuss what you did in this week and about the pending work. Then plan for the coming week properly. This gives you a chance to change the plans for better progress before you are in it. When you try to change something at that particular moment, it might be a problem in some or the other form. Also, you can give a chance to your colleagues for any suggestions. If you wait until Monday for this, the changes would be difficult, and you will have to rush to finish the week’s work.”Arrange the staff meetings on Friday instead of Monday morning” is the first tip.

ONE ON ONE MEETINGS are very important to keep a check on the individual reports given by the employees and also to interact with each of the subordinates personally for a manager. So managers must plan several coffee meetings on Fridays with their employees. Motivate the employee, talk about their career, ask for suggestions and changes they would like to see in the work. By this, you can get to know your employee, feasible suggestions, and it also improves the manager’s bond with the employee.

SET THE PACE POST A HECTIC WEEK. “Did you enter the Friday after having a hectic schedule on the other days? Did you enter Friday after exhausting everyone?” If employees are made to do the backbreaking work with late night calls, tight deadlines, etc. on the rest of the days, they would be less interested in working on Friday. This impact is mainly on Friday because the next two days are holidays. It is not bad on their path, it is the common tendency. Even the Manager or the Dept. Head gets lazy at times. There is a simple solution to this problem. Just treat your employees as grown-ups. Tell them that they can get out of the work quick if they work without wasting time surfing the web and other time pass things. If you want to have a productive Friday, make the other days less hectic and exciting for your employees.

HAVE SOME FUN even if you have a very important and huge project at hand and no one is going to start it on Friday afternoon. So just have a funny chat with colleagues for some time. Have some coffee or drink together. Plan an informal party in the evening or at night. For bonus fun, invite their families or have lunch together with everyone. This will refresh you and also give you some awesome memories to recollect later and smile! This will increase get a good reputation for the company and make it a dream company for many students.

COMPLETE THE INCOMPLETE work and ask your employees, “did you finish work completely? Are you up to date?” If the answer is “No” then Friday is a nice day to finish these. Check all the things that your employees did in this week, if there is anything that is incomplete, finish it. Make yourself up to date if you are lagging behind. So now, you finished a work completely and perfectly. This will make your superiors have a good impression on you. Perfection is always rewarded!

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Follow these. You will see that Fridays are productive for both your employees and company. Not only this, it also makes the company a dream company for the future employees and the work exciting for the present employees. See your company at good heights and coming up with an awesome reputation.

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