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Good Habits of Top Entrepreneurs

Good Habits of Top Entrepreneurs


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One important action has the power to change your life from an ordinary one to a successful one. There is a true saying that “actions speak louder than words”. Even our daily habits have an effect on our life. There are 35 top entrepreneurs and executives in the world who have achieved great success in life by following simple daily habits. These great people through their quotes have inspired themselves and others as well.

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  1. Try to attend all your meetings in one location

Tiffany Pham, founder and CEO of MOGUL said that if she has more than one meeting in a day she tries to set all her meetings in one location only. By following this principle, she said she could manage things more efficiently, by discussing the important points in the meetings only.

  1. Read voraciously

Eric Frankel, the founder and CEO of AdGreetz said he was first employed at Warner Bros. This job taught him that one should know about everything going on in the business world.

  1. Focus on things which are important

Vikram Aggarwal, the CEO of EnergySage said, that a CEO should keep his team focused. The team members must work on important topics along with the CEO.

  1. Unsubscribe mercilessly

The CEO of Cularate, Apu Gupta said he used to receive unwanted emails from his people who had subscribed him. Hence, he unsubscribed them in order to go through only important things, rather than irrelevant things.

  1. Mark your calendar according to the tasks which are important

Jayna Cooke said if the tasks are not pre planned properly one may end up doing something else instead of the important work.

  1. Connect with your passion

One must stick to his passion and must enjoy the things he loves. Alex Muller, the CEO of GPShopper, said that till now he has a habit of participating with the product and technology teams.

  1. Spend little time on email every day

William Hsu said if one starts answering all the emails every day that will be a waste of time. At the end one realizes that no work is done by answering emails.

  1. Spend an hour outside every day

Alex Matjanec says that one should go out every day after a tedious day spent in front of computers.

  1. One should use technology to manage personal relationships

Kris Snyder, CEO of Vox Mobile, says that every CEO must maintain a to-do list to manage all the areas of business.

  1. Prioritize the objectives of the employees

All the employees in a company have a range of focus and performance. It depends upon the CEO to prioritize the objectives of the employees as said by James Roche.

  1. Do less things, but do them properly

Tim Eisenhauer said that choose only two things to do in a day but do them properly. He is the president of San Diego software provider.

  1. Give time to family

Scott and Missy Tannen, founders of Boll & Bronch say although they have a busy schedule, they take out some time for their family keeping all official things aside.

  1. Reach home on time

If you are punctual at your work place you must also return home on time. Jeff Braverman, CEO of says that he likes to spend time with family.

  1. Exercise daily

Julie Smolyansky, the CEO of Lifeway Foods, says that exercising daily should be a habit. It helps maintain a sense of balance in life.

  1. Read 20 to 30 customer problems every morning

Suhail Doshi, the CEO of Mixpanel, said that reading customer problems daily would help focus on areas which are problematic. It helps you make things right.

  1. Check KPIs in the morning

Michael Ortner says that by checking KPIs first thing every morning, he gets to know about how his company has been performing.

  1. Never be predictable

Serban Enache says that successful people always do something unique and interesting in their life. Others cannot even predict which method is being followed by them.

  1. Always ask why

Jay Simons, president of Atlassian, says we must always try to figure out the reason we could not complete a particular task or the reason for our failure.

  1. Take out some time to think, write or act

Dr. Walter S. Scott follows that one must complete the scheduled work on the same day instead of leaving it for the next day to pile up.

  1. Have a positive attitude

Kris Duggan, the CEO of BetterWorks, says that one must have a positive attitude towards work. An enthusiastic group of people always do well.

  1. Make a daily to do list

Sean Duffy says although he doesn’t get much time but every night he goes through his inbox to check new messages and replies to them as early as possible.

  1. Talk to People

Jonathan Cogley, CEO of Thycotic, said that having conversations with people keeps us informed about what is happening around us.

  1. Prepare budgets and expected outcomes

Mike Zivin, CEO of Whittl, says preparing budgets with initiatives helps him keep an eye on how each dollar is important for the establishment of his company.

  1. Hire a coach

Just like Olympic athletes the CEOs must also have coaches says Douglas Merill, the former CEO of Google. The coach helps you realize your weaknesses and helps you work on them.

  1. Keep an eye on the competition

Darin LeGrange, CEO of Aldera, has the habit of going through the competitive websites and newspapers every day to keep an eye on the competition in the market.

  1. Keep moving

David Kalt, the founder and CEO of Reverb, says that he has the habit of getting up from his chair and walking through the office. This simple walk gives him an idea of what his team is actually doing.

  1. Read your industry related news in the morning

The first thing Ahmed Albaiti does after getting up is reading his industry related news. He says reading helps discover many new ideas in one’s mind.

  1. Adjust your perspective

Neha Sampat, the CEO of, says that every Tuesday she throws away all negativities and retains a positive attitude for a better week and an improved performance.

  1. Get to inbox zero

The messages which are of no use any further should be deleted says Rick Morrison. This helps him focus on things which are important and get rid of those which are not.

  1. Make a daily top three to-do list

Ratmir Timashev says being the CEO of Veeam, he has lots of things to do. But he makes a list of the top three things because it is not possible to complete everything in a single day.

  1. Handle the direct reports

Michael MacDonald says that he calls up the direct reports every day between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. in order to know about the various parts of his business.

  1. Plan your work and work your plan

Jason van den Brand believes in planning his work properly and then executing the plan in order to succeed in life.

  1. Prepare a short to-do list

Ethan Austin has the habit of keeping his to-do list very short. Every morning he wakes up, he notes down the three most important tasks for the day and then he works accordingly.

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  1. Take time to reflect

John Yung, CEO of Appcara, says that being a CEO one must be quite confident about his decisions. But he must also check the consequences of the decisions taken.

  1. Be consistent and proactive

Payman Taei, the CEO of Visme, says that a person who is consistent with his work will surely reach heights in his life. You need to be consistent in order to achieve anything.


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