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Google’s Andromeda and Microsoft’s Andromeda: Are They the Same?

Google’s Andromeda and Microsoft’s Andromeda: Are They the Same?


Do you ever wish that all your desktop apps are fully compatible with your mobile versions and vice versa?

Well, that wish is just about to come to life in full user experience.

If you have heard about Google’s project OS codenamed Andromeda, you must have learned that they have been focusing on an operating system that can combine the features of both Chrome OS and the Android OS.

That means having an app that can both function across Android tablets, smartphones and Google desktop environment. Yes, that sounds like a dream operating system.

We can finally get that Android functionality in a desktop environment without having to use those buggy emulators such as Bluestacks and NOX. Not to mention the hassle of having small screens and fixed RAM memory.

This Google’s move will directly challenge Microsoft’s Windows OS and Apple’s iOS. And since it is Android, the challenge will be greater than the other operating systems that came before them. And surely, the battle for OS supremacy will be beautiful if not at all messy as they will cater the best of desktop experience across all involved platforms.

And in Microsoft’s corner comes a new project too, also codenamed Andromeda, is bound to do a similar change as that of Google’s for its mobile operating system, the Windows 10 mobile.

The Continuum project of Microsoft means to close the gap between mobile ARM and PC processors. That update could make all Windows Store apps able to run in desktop x86, and yes, vice versa.

Can you imagine the productivity that it can add to the current functionalities of the present devices?

In Windows, your online games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends will be playable in your smartphones. Even the Adobe Photoshop and other 3D-based software can now be accessed through your phones. All .exe files can now be installed in any of your Windows devices without the issue of compatibility.

Microsoft’s intention to develop continuum for their Windows 10 OS is pretty much an obvious move to give remedy to the already wounded Windows 10 mobile.

As you might have heard, Windows 10 mobile is already dying, if not already dead in the world market. And to keep the damage from getting worse within the company, the crossover that I have been wishing for since the first time I got my hands on my very first Windows 10 mobile gadget is finally coming to fruition.

Finally, there will be no more hardware gaps, just plain old install-and-play experience like in the old Windows OS. All that it is left will be the issue of screen size and resolution.

Although Microsoft’s All-in-one OS will come late this year or around early next year, the point is, it is going to happen. Right after Redstone 2 and 3 will be released as updates for Windows 10; Microsoft’s Andromeda will displace the Windows 10 mobile for good.

So it may be just a coincidence that both companies are going for the same project name and similar intentions for the future of both their operating systems. No matter how they came up with it, the important thing is that they will both benefit us consumers greatly in terms of productivity and value for our money—or at least that is what I think.

It could mean that we will only need a single device to have all our favorite applications—everything in one place. It could just be a wishful thinking but then again, come back here after a year and tell me what you think about these projects.

But for now, tell me what you think about these giant companies’ plans for these operating systems. Do you think it could benefit the consumers? Or is it just another way to for them to take our money?

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