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4 Great Apps That Helps Save Time & Productivity

4 Great Apps That Helps Save Time & Productivity
Great Apps That Helps In Saving Productivity Of Time

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These days, App stores are packed with many time-management and productivity apps. Some apps perform well and crack the deal for you and some just leave you with a lot of disappointment. These four apps mentioned increase your productivity in a more interesting fashion than many other difficult-to-handle applications.

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  • iCukoo Charity Alarm Clock:

Many developers have tried building foolproof alarm clocks, but users somehow found ways to get away with them. This app makes you take a financial and moral stand against sleeping in. Using iCukoo you can create and edit alarms, and when you ignore them, it sends a certain sum of money to a charity of your choice. In this way, you start losing when you are snoozing. Long story short, you can volunteer while you are sleeping. You can choose the charity you would like to donate to and also the length of snooze time. So far, the charities getting benefits from this app are National Literary Trust, Maggie’s, Prostate Cancer UK, Parkinson’s UK, and Starlight.

  • Workflow:

Workflow takes certain tasks of your choice and turns them into buttons on your phone’s home screen, thus transforming many difficult activities into one-touch, simple operations. If you want to convert your photos to ‘.gif’ on your phone, then workflow can create an app for you. Apple’s iOS makes sure that it is nearly impossible for your phone to be susceptible to malware, at least when it is compared to Android but it also a problem that a lot of automation apps will never be allowed on the App Store. Because of this, there are many apps you can run on your Android phone that aren’t possible on iOS.  This doesn’t mean that no automation is possible on iOS. You can accomplish your tedious tasks by creating workflows. These workflows are called actions which are a series of directions, which will process the native iOS apps to do specific things. A Workflow action can extract data from a web page, pull calendar events or grab the contents of the clipboard. It can ask for an input sometimes and change the output according to the process. Workflow links all the actions together with the Content Graph, which means you can combine apps that seem unrelated.

  • IFTTT:

IFTTT is an acronym for “if this, then that“. IFTTT automates apps using recipes. For example, if you want Drive to upload your Instagram photos then write a program for the specific task. You can use this service to program your phone to message you whenever it starts raining.

In the most basic sense, this app automates your digital/online life by making two different online services, like a social network and an email provider to talk to each other, in a way they never did before. A great example would be, when you get an email with a file attached, IFTTT can automatically download the attached file to your Dropbox. This kind of scenario is called a recipe. There are channels, which are the services supported by IFTTT, which includes online tools, social media sites, email, and services such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and Vimeo. This app also includes situation-based channels such as for a date, time, and weather. An action is sparked whenever a trigger goes off.


TIMEFUL app sends timely notifications reminding the busy guys to do things like exercise. Its algorithm adapts your priorities and preferences. If you ignore its suggestion to hit the gym then next time it will recommend you to go earlier. The design of this app is modest, yet elegant, and it fits nicely with the environment of iOS. This app is featured in white, but it helps the colors of your habits, tasks, and calendar events stand out. The typography of this app is bit small, but it can still be fairly lucid for most. TIMEFUL’s iconography makes it easy for users to tell habits and tasks apart from each other. It makes use of the innovative drag-and-drop gesture for shifting stuff into your calendar throughout the day. This app is rather easy to pick up for users who’ve never used a time assistant app. TIMEFUL becomes more smart and efficient over time because it makes use of algorithms that adapt to your behaviors and responses and thus makes recommendations for your schedule in the future.

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Here are the productivity applications that will help you save your time and make you more active and fit.

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