Hacker Alert: Secure Your Data Before It Is Too Late

Hacker Alert: Secure Your Data Before It Is Too Late

Secure Your Data Before It Is Too Late

Hackers are a nightmare for the global cyber space. There have been numerous occasions of information and security breach in social networking platforms, email sites and cloud storage spaces recently. Due to lack of stringent security algorithms or loopholes in internet and networking firewall systems, the hackers usually find a backdoor entry into the restricted areas and create nuisance by disclosure, theft and damage of public and private information. This unauthorized access is strictly against the law and offenders are punished strictly. Their actions are actions of basic cases of violation of privacy and fundamental rights. People should remain aware of the threats and consequences of a cyber-attack. They should educate themselves in efficient ways so as to provide basic minimum security to their personal information in the internet.


Recently, an unidentified hacker claimed to have gained access to more than 7 million Dropbox passwords. This claim was supposedly false but it goes on to illustrate the fact that it is becoming increasingly convenient for a hacker to gain access to passwords and account details. Dropbox was prompt to deny any such offence from an outside party and claimed that people’s information and privacy was safe with them. However, the hacker uploaded at least 400 account passwords in a website Pastebin and Reddit users were quick to react and used the info given in the site to log in to those accounts. Timely intervention by Dropbox, deactivated all the breached accounts, arresting any further damage to public or private entities. This incident contradicted previous claims of Dropbox which stated that all was well. Then how did the functional passwords originate. The most viable explanation regarding this is might be a third party amateur website which became the target of attack as hackers usually know that people generally re-use and repeat their passwords. So, they attacked a weakly protected site and derived all the required information like password and user account name.


Snapchat’s users were left fuming when nearly 100000 private images and videos surfaced online in public forums owing to a weakly safeguarded website made by an amateurish developer. The anonymous developer however claimed that a dysfunctional Apache server made this data available and vulnerable.

Cases of hacking have increased in the recent times with Russian hackers recently posting millions of hacked ids and passwords including those of Gmail in various websites. This necessarily was not a collection of new hacked ids but there were old ones too. Question arises that why are they trickling in such information in the form of teasers and themselves do not log into accounts. The recent hacker OriginalGuy who posted loads of celebrity private photos stated that he did for the sake of BIT coins and reported that the revenue generated from this episode was pathetic. So one thing is clear hackers are aiming at generating BIT coin revenue by leaking volatile information owing to the public nature of the BIT coin system. For this they are no more targeting the web sharks like Google or Yahoo rather they shrewdly attack new, and developing websites with minimum security to gain information similar to that in these giant websites. Secure storage spaces like iCloud was also trespassed and lots of private data was leaked online. The leaks and information are generally accompanied by requests for donations.

The surging breach in security has really taken the internet world by a storm. Somewhere down the line, we are at fault also owing to our penchant to repeat same password for multiple websites and messenger services and all hackers do is analyze and identify the weakest websites and attack their servers thus gaining access to not only a single portal but to various other forums and websites also. They no more need to hack into the servers of giants like Google and Facebook so it is upon us to take counter measures that can protect our information from prying eyes and this can be done by having a separate id and password for different services and sites.

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