Here’s Everything We Know About The iPhone 6

Here’s Everything We Know About The iPhone 6
  • iphone-6The iPhone 6 with a larger screen:

This is the most popular rumour that Apple might increase the size of the screen to 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, as there were reports that the company has been testing the phones with larger display screens.

Apple is even likely to launch a much larger screen ‘Phablet’, a combination of a phone and a tablet. Phones with both 4.7 inch screen and 5.5 inch screen may be launched, that too together. But, reports also suggest that some production issues are being faced by the company.

The leaking of the news from the company has led to the assumptions of the release of the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen phones together.

  • The components of the display of the iPhone include scratch-resistant sapphire

The next range if iPhone is designed to be prone to damage. Sapphire stands on the second number, after diamond, in terms of greatest hardness, which increase the scratch resistance of a screen. And Apple has been reported to buy so many equipment that millions of iPhones can be manufactured with the sapphire used glass screens.

  • Bendable screen

Making and manufacturing bendable is screen is not that big a challenge but making fold-able internal parts is a very challenging task, and a big barrier in the making of the new iPhones too. But, if achieved, these screens may prove to be much more durable than the average screens.

  • Sharp screen resolution

With the screen size, the iPhone will also display a much higher screen resolution of 1704 x 960, a gradation of the 4 inch screen 1136 x 640 resolution.

  • The Look

The iPhone 6 has been designed to be much slimmer than iPhone 5s. The design of the iPhone 6 looks a bit similar to the iPad Air, due its curved edges. According to the leaked information, the iPhone 6 is supposed to be 5.4 inches in length, 0.27 inch in thickness and 2.6 inches in width.

  • The Color

Some press releases have revealed the pictures of the panel of the gold colored iPhone 6. It has also been reported that the new iPhone will be featured in silver, gold and a dark black color.

  • It Is All About Health

Health is the main element of the new features displayed by Apple. The product iPhone 6 consists of a Health Kit, which has the ability to keep the track of the health statistics of the user, measure the steps, and count the calories. Actually, it contains an electronic chip that maintains the regulation of the heart rate, levels of cholesterol, burned calories etc.

According to the Geekbar firm, a firm with an Asian base for iPhone repair services, the iPhone has revealed containing a secondary processor, working in conjunction with the Apple’s A8 chip. The phone may also feature wireless charging.

  • Using Touchpad To Make PayPal Purchases

The iPhone might feature a fingerprint sensor. Sources suggest that PayPal and Apple have hinted to work together as the PayPal firm attended Touch ID sessions, at a Worldwide Developers Conference. It is a rumour that Apple is getting deep into Mobile Payment spaces.

  • Software

Apple, with its next update of iOS 8, will have a new app known as Health. This app is supposed to measure these steps taken by the holder, to count the calories of the person, and even work along third party fitness applications. The camera apps, the messaging apps, and the e-mailing apps have much advanced functionality.

The iPhones 4s and above can operate free updates of iOS 8, when the latest one launches.

  • The Power Button Varies On The App Being Used

The iPhone to be launched, may be launched with a power button which can be programmable. The functionality of the button can change according to the app being used by the user at that time, for example it can work like the volume button at the time of using the camera.

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