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Hot Trends in Business Technology

Hot Trends in Business Technology

Technology is changing the way that we live in the 21st century, so it’s no surprise that experts agree that technology is changing the way that we do business as well. With faster computers and greater connectivity than ever, here are some ways that successful businesses are applying recent innovations to fit their needs and some great ideas for you as well.

Business Visibility

Many great ideas for products have been tinkered with and developed, but as anyone with a good business idea can tell you, none of this matters unless your product is visible. Perhaps the most well-known impact that technology is having on the way we do business is in how we market our products.

 Those who’ve dabbled in marketing have no doubt heard of Google Adwords and Facebook’s paid ads program, and those without the backing of a multinational corporation have likely dismissed these pricey options just as quickly. There’s no doubt that Google and Facebook offer powerful advertising platforms capable of reaching millions, if not billions, of consumers. However, the high profile nature of these marketing tools can often make them nothing more than a pie in the sky to your average small business. As well, it doesn’t help that consumers are becoming more wary of paid advertising working its way into their usual browsing habits; nobody wants to feel like they’re being marketed to.

 The problems with Google and Facebook, the modern day billboards, have led many marketers to pursue less tangible avenues. Instead of paying to have their products listed in space that is unabashedly assigned for advertising (and therefore likely to engender consumer mistrust), many are opting for more organic approaches like SEO tactics to rank well in organic Google searches.

 Even the best SEO campaigns are fraught with difficulty, however. In order to make its search algorithms more discerning, Google has been stepping up the value that it places on onsite content, ranking sites to host popular blogs and articles more highly than their competitors. However, these changes have made it difficult for businesses marketing less consumer-friendly products. It’s easier to produce engaging content that consumers will want to if you’re selling pool accessories, for example, than it is to engage readers with content about the inner workings of the coal mining industry. These difficulties are not stopping the most dedicated SEO experts, though, who are turning to clever strategies to hype up less exciting content. For instance, check out what this Surety Bonds provider has done on their blog, shaking things up with mixed drink recipes related to their products. Clever ideas like this can help to engage consumers with products that they normally wouldn’t think twice about.

Going Green

As the world grows up with technology we’re having to collectively learn how to use it responsibly. Some businesses are taking charge of their own green revolutions and turning themselves into community leaders. Take a look at what this large format printing company has done, for example. By switching over to soy-based inks, recycling paper and ink cartridges, and building their own solar power facility, Megaprint has done some incredible things to both cut their own operating costs and lower their carbon footprint.

 Many of these advancements can be applied to almost any business. Anyone with a printer can buy remanufactured toner cartridges and save a lot of money while cutting down on the overall amount of plastic waste that we put back into the environment.

 While building your own solar power plant might be a bridge too far for many small businesses, there’s still a lot that you can do to save energy in your day-to-day operations. Saving energy is both an effective way of cutting operating costs and a great way to set yourself up as a community leader by cutting down on the world’s overall carbon emissions.

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