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How Automation Can Make You Better at Your Job

How Automation Can Make You Better at Your Job

Automation has been around since the early days of the industrial revolution, but technological limitations have kept its scalability low.

A few tasks are automated today in various sectors including agriculture, office work and so forth. Interestingly, 5% of jobs today can be completely automated and 45% of activities across all jobs can be automated. This means that some employees may become unemployed because some jobs will be handled by robots in the near future.

Automation may push a few people off jobs, but it would make people dramatically better at their jobs. Automation promises to enhance the productivity of companies and improve their performance. It would eliminate lags in operation, inefficiency, human errors, and ensure consistency and optimal performance across all levels of an organization.

It can also make individuals better at their jobs. Here’s how:

Improves customer experience

Automation is the way to go for businesses who are serious about offering better customer service. By automating tasks, businesses can ensure that customers can have the most positive experience in the shortest amount of time.

Automation differs from business to business. For instance, instead of having your account managers call customers to gather information from them, an automated web application can do the job by sending an email form and processing the information they send back. You can also schedule automated followups to remind customers about filling out the forms.

This will make it convenient for customers and at the same time ensure efficiency.

Efficient and Intelligent Marketing

One of the aspects of businesses that require automation most is marketing. Automation can make marketing efficient, faster, and more intelligent. It can help the company to develop a better relationship with people.

Some automated software can analyze video, audio, texts and images. Such software can also be designed to analyze customer’s emotions, personality and tones. This will help companies to know the best way to respond to their customers in order to achieve a better result.

Automation can also be employed in customer surveys and could provide a thorough and accurate representation of who uses your services.

Automating Mundane and Repetitive Tasks

Nobody wants to do monotonous and repetitive activities such as entering the same records, day in and day out, but sadly, most employees are specifically employed for such activities. The danger of employing humans to handle continuous streams of repetitive tasks is that fatigue can easily set in and errors can take place.

Automated software does not get tired. They are void of human errors and can perform the same tasks over and over again with 100% accuracy. It can also make tasks scalable as you grow. For example, software is available to help IT professionals protect and backup client and company information, and it updates as your company gains more data.

Employees can be freed to do some higher level tasks which will make them more productive. This is a benefit both to the employees and the company. The company can achieve better results with fewer resources and the employees will be more engaged and productive. For example, using a software program that can automatically enter invoices will eliminate a sufficient amount of time for payroll and AP departments.

Improving Capacity for Growth

It is interesting to note that between 25% and 33% of CEO activities can be automated. Automating such tasks can free up schedules for the CEO to focus on more important and managerial part of the business.

Automating business processes can allow company management to engage in activities that would guarantee the growth of their business rather than routine and mundane tasks.  

Company management can begin using project managing software, which will help with keeping the staff and tasks organized. In essence, with automation, management can become more creative.

Condense Tedious and Long-hour Analysis in a Few Minutes

One of the most significant benefits of automation is the ability to perform tasks in a shorter amount of time. Such activities are always found in marketing processes.

Time-consuming marketing processes that could take up to 40 hours or more can be completed in just minutes–this is why marketing automation is used by 51% of companies. Automated software can efficiently keep tabs on all the marketing channels and analyze the feeds, statuses, and updates. Automated software can give recommendations for future strategies quickly.

This could make marketing efforts seamless, efficient, and highly productive. AI and automation is a growing sector. Several researches into artificial intelligence are ongoing and have intensified recently.

Streamline Your Business

With the increasing capacity of automated software today, business processes will not only be streamlined but will be made highly efficient, and more productive than they are today. Automation would not only offer benefits to businesses, but such software would make routine activities at home and elsewhere really seamless and easy.


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