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How Colleges Bend the Rules to Keep Their State Funding, Is it a Good Step Taken By the Colleges Or Is It Just the Opposite Happening?

How Colleges Bend the Rules to Keep Their State Funding, Is it a Good Step Taken By the Colleges Or Is It Just the Opposite Happening?

How Colleges Bend the Rules to Keep Their State Funding

Every college, for its efficient functioning and proper maintenance, needs fund. While most colleges have an elaborate fee structure, but that doesn’t suffice for all the costs required to keep the colleges functioning. These funds are mostly acquired through state funding with the amount received being significant enough and hence no institution wants to lose on it. The need or the craving for this funding is so high that the institutes do not even hesitate in making their way through by tweaking their own rules and regulations. They aim at securing it – by hook or by crook.

According to a new funding regulation, colleges receive funding proportional to the success of the students meaning the better grades the students secure; more would be the funding received. Yet another regulation provides funding on the basis of the number of students who are able to make it up to graduation from orientation. These regulations might have had a positive impact on the teaching quality and strictness in academia, but the negative effect is more profound.

Colleges are, by all means trying to hang on to the state funding. In order to increase the success rate or the number of graduating students, many colleges have created more stringent selection criterion disabling students from poorer sections of the society to attend these colleges. Students from underprivileged sections are either not able to afford the tuition fees or do not satisfy the cutoffs. So as to meet the higher grades criterion, colleges have started inflating grades. For the same amount of work done, one obtains a better grade. They’ve also cut down on the minimum grade points required to pass a certain course so as to reduce the number of backlogs showing a better success rate and increase in the number of graduating students.

Some might think it is a good thing, students securing better grades and a higher number of students graduating, but the reality is quite the opposite. These new strategies being adopted to secure the state  funding are not only deteriorating the quality of education and students, but also robbing off the poorer section of the opportunity to lift themselves up from the lives of poverty and unemployment. As securing a better grade is becoming easier, effort put in by students is constantly on a decline. With a lesser amount of input they’re getting the same output. Hence the incentive to work harder has decreased.  As a result they work less, learn less, strive for less and settle for less. The poorer people still remain deprived of quality education, a shield of immunity which would have helped them lead a secure life due to these strategies being adopted. It is like a vicious circle to which the students have fallen prey

The irony of the whole situation is that these regulations, which were meant to improve the education system, the overall quality, have strangely shown effects quite the opposite. It’s necessary for strict actions and necessary changes to be made otherwise the quality will keep on diminishing and a few years down the line we would be faced with such a situation which would be even worse than the present scenario.

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