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How To Get An Enormous User Base Without Spending A Dime On Marketing

How To Get An Enormous User Base Without Spending A Dime On Marketing

How to Get an Enormous User Base Without spending a Dime on Marketing

What is business?  It is an economic system where a service is exchanged for another service or money between the entrepreneur and the customer. Thus, after laying the complete foundation for business, it is of utmost importance to earn a good customer, it is only then we can keep things running. Increasing the number of users or technically saying ‘user base’ is directly related to the marketing strategies we adopt to advertise our product, like a website. Taking into consideration start up companies, which may have little to no marketing budgets, it may sound very challenging for them to get an enormous user base. But, it is not so. Your success is much more dependent on the width of your brain than the width of your wallet. Let us see how.

Following key strategies will help hit the bull’s eye without any substantial investments:

  • Deliver real value to customers: “This thing is free to use”, is charismatic to any average person. So, keeping things free at the initial level and then charging for upgrades might help score a bit.  And, there is no loss to revenue here, as it can still come from one way or the other. For instance, profits can be earned by advertising big companies on your websites. So, an important point here is that, in order to retain customer, they must get a real valued product because one will expect a service valuable for the invest made. Research and data help to achieve this. What customers expect? What problems do they face from other products?
  • Role of social media: People love to share, whether it is a quiz result, favorite music playlist or the personal experiences. We need to find ways to connect the active social media sites into our product allowing users to share an activity. This will help kill two birds with one stone. It will not only play in the love interest of the audience to socialize but will also help getting in new users.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Nobody is going to spend hours understanding the basic functioning of the site. So, the design of the site should be easy to understand. Also, we need to incorporate the interest of a wide range of audience that can be done by adopting the principles of universal design. What new users are going to see when they first encounter the site? Are all the components clear and easy enough to understand? Even if we spend millions of dollars on marketing, what’s the point if users enter the site and get lost?
  • Correct advertising: For instance, let us choose email as our medium of marketing. We arranged the list of million people, emailed them in one go, and this sounds inexpensive too. But what is the point here doing this in a time where people are well aware of email filters and spam protection? Google is getting efficient, so shall the medium needs to be such that will help reach our audience most efficiently. Often, a combination of different medias, best help to solve our purpose.
  • Loyalty programs: It is one of the best ways to keep customers intact. We can offer points and rebates on purchases or the frequency points or the free gifts. This ensures the customers to stay connected with the sites for a longer time.

So now, we are all set to get an enormous user base for our start up without spending a dime on marketing. At the end of the day, audience is going to face the final product, no matter what our initial marketing budget was.

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