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How To Use Instagram For Business

How To Use Instagram For Business

instagram for business

‘Social Media’- It is perhaps the most important tool nowadays. One’s life is incomplete without the involvement of this social media. Due to this social media, our life has become so very easy nowadays. With the help of it, the actual distance between the two persons has reduced by greater levels. Today we can contact any friend sitting anywhere in the world, share pictures or videos with him, and tell him each and every thing about what actually is going on in our life.

One of the most important tools of this social media is ‘Instagram’. With the help of it, we can share text, pictures, videos and much more. It is indeed the 41st most popular website in the world with 200 million users registered till August 2014. Its great popularity had made Facebook own it in April 2014.

Instagram can be a very great tool for setting it for business. But for doing that one need to have the following details in mind:

  1. Purpose of Instagram

Instagram is a platform from which one can share his/her pictures, videos, one can even create high quality time lapse videos using its tool called hyper lapse etc. with others.

Actually, this Instagram was built originally for an Iphone4 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They two originally wanted to use this Iphone4 camera and founded Burbn. But due to its complexity it didn’t become so very popular. Then they both worked on Instagram and it was so successfully accepted by people that it became the major competitor of Yahoo’s Flickr and Mobli Media Group’s Pheed. It was a great tool accepted by all. But with its growing success, it also got increased name of controversy as many illegal drug deals began growing there. But now with the action of November 2014, which says regarding blocking such illegal searches these controversies ended by little bits. Actually Instagram helps in building and showcase one’s brand’s personality. It helps one to publicize the story of ones business by the use of some pictures, videos, text, etc., which made our search particularly very interesting and easy.

  1. Benefits of Instagram for Business

There are a number of benefits for using Instagram for ones business.

Some of these are:

  1. It generates sales yield
  2. By the means of it we can reach the younger generation as well.
  1. A free medium for marketing.

To get started with its benefits, lets first learn how to make an Instagram account.

3.Create an Instagram Account

For this you need to have a smartphone it can be an android, windows or I series. Download this app from its play store. Then register it using an independent account or through facebook.

One can even add tab of Instagram to one’s facebook profile in order to synchronize the two apps properly.

4.Instagram for business

Instagram is a very essential tool for business as it provides with an easy platform to tell the complete story more interesting.

It can help us with:

  1. Prepare content and content roadmap.
  2. One can introduce ones business and business product.
  3. He/she can also prepare his/her team.
  4. Expanding range and visibility.
  5. Generating sales yield.

Due to all its benefits Instagram is being successfully used for business purposes.

5.Instgram Terminology

There are certain terms used at its platform. They are:

  1. Collage: A combination of multiple images.
  2. Direct message: A tool by which we can send images to any person personally.
  3. Feed: A series of update for ones profile.
  4. Filter: A feature to edit ones photos.
  5. Hashtag: They are used to categorize the content.
  6. Regram: Used for repositing content.
  7. Selfie: A self taken picture.

Hence, in these particular ways one can publicize his/her business at Instagram so that more and more people come into its contact and thus the business may spread by leaps and bounds.

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