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Do You Think Choosing The Right Career Is Difficult? Here’s How You Can Pick And Stick To Your Career Goals!

Do You Think Choosing The Right Career Is Difficult? Here’s How You Can Pick And Stick To Your Career Goals!
How You Can Pick And Stick To Your Career Goals

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If you are female, then it becomes quite difficult for you to become a professor of any of medical school. As per the statement by Association of American Medical Colleges that is AAMC, only 38% of the total full-time faculty members are female at accredited medical schools. That annoying statics is the main reason Nadine Kartz, who is a professor at famous clinic ob-gyn and also health of women at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She is also medical director along with vice president at Einstein Campus of Montefiore Medical Centre, took an interest in helping the aspirants who are female medical school professor to achieve their respective goal.

Katz had taught the leadership course for ten-year for ten years at AAMC. She covered a lot of themes there and one of them is: How to stick to as well as pick the career goals. Her basic strategy has described effectively in various medical realms, but soon she also proved that these strategies can be applied to any gender male or female and also to any profession.

According to Nadine Kartz, the first step is as follow: You must take full responsibility of your career. You may get help from your boss, family, friends and your colleagues. But still you have to take charge of your future. Your focus should be on your success and then also on your promotions. There always should be one strategy when you choose any work, project or committee. Many people get swept up fully in daily issues. These are the things that she realised and added.

Kartz also suggests some exercises for setting up of your goals and also for assessing various skills. If you want to become promoted to the position of a leader, then you should first give the leadership assessment test by using appropriate online tool. For this you have to search for the keyword leadership self-assessment then you would find some exclusive free tools. You can also do so by asking some questions to yourself. Like: Do I able to motivate others?  Do I able to manage and thus handle the conflicts? Do I really communicate various expectations and goals in a clear way?

You have to decide that you might rather be a member of the team than being a leader. Always look at the things that give you energy or the things that basically make you feel fulfilled.

Kartz likes the basic ideas of setting both the goals, that can be short or long term or it can be intermediate. A short term goal has a period of one to maximum three years. A medium one has the time span of three to five years. A long term goal has a period of further more than five years. Getting very much clear to your short term goals can always help one to calculate whether to work for any specific committee or one should take more task or assignment. Would this new responsibilities help one achieve where he want to move?

These short term goals, long term goals and intermediate goals all are decided while knowing the interest area and the capabilities of that specific person. Career is chosen in such a way that the interest along with the proper capacity is not harmed or overestimated. It means that if one has his interest area in the field of dancing and music. But whenever he sings a song the audience only awards him with rotten tomatoes or eggs then he should understand that his interest cannot be his real goal, and he needs to know his limit. In this case, he must be aware of the fact that he is drastically bad in music so he cannot choose this as his career. The proper knowledge about these aspects would help in deciding the future and then choosing and sticking to it.

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