To Improve Your Memory

To Improve Your Memory
improve your memory

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The most important part of human body is the brain. And, of course, you should have a good memory to say that you have a good brain. You should improve your memory. The more you work on it, the better it becomes. Memory is the mechanism by which you recall, store information in our daily life. This is a complex process, and it is useful to us in many ways. If you give more challenges to your brain and maintain a proper diet, you can get an awesome brain.

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Before we learn how to do, let us see how it works. Three parts of the brain are used for memory. They are:

1) Hippocampus: It is a primitive structure that is deep in the brain and processes the information as memory

2) Amygdala: It is almond shaped. It helps process emotions and imprints emotions that involve emotions.

3) Cerebral Cortex: It stores long-term memory in different zones based on the information involved. It is the outer layer of the brain.

Memory can be long-term or short-term. In case of short-term memory, your brain stores information only for a few minutes or seconds. On an average, it is capable of holding seven items at once. Long-term memory involves the information that has to be retained for a long time and recalled consciously – such as language, relations, etc. There is another type of long term memory which does not need conscious recall – like the skills you perform or your daily routine.

The tips that help you get good memory are:

            Brain should be exercised: Get new experiences or expose your brain to varied sensory stimulation. Some things like writing with your non-dominant hand, working in a different way, etc. We always engage in activities like writing, reading, playing that keeps our brain working. This will avoid the memory declination even with aging. So, just do whatever you do usually but do it in a different way.

Attention: You cannot remember something that you never learned. It takes around 8 seconds of intent focus to process some information through the hippocampus and direct it to a proper zone. If you do not concentrate on that or try to do several things at once, there is a chance of forgetting it easily.

Try to use all the senses that are available: There are many learning styles like auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Irrespective of which type of learning style you prefer, use all of them to remember something. If you are a visual learner, you can practice reading out loud with a particular rhythm so that you can remember it well. If you are an auditory learner, use your imagination to create a picture or stare at a picture and read. You can also relate the piece of information to a color or object or anything with which you are comfortable.

Organizing information: One of the best ways to remember something is by associating it with something that you already know. This will help you remember new things easily. Adopt maintaining notes or writing on the calendar or stick notes.

Frequent review: Just go through what you have learned on the same day and review everything perfectly. When you learn it again and review properly, it will get fixed in your memory so that it is hard to forget it.

Usage of Mnemonics: This is a technique to remember difficult information. They are like clues that help us remember something by associating with them. Another technique is Chunking. This is arranging a long list into a short and organized way that is easy to remember.

Healthy habits: Exercise regularly. Get good and tight sleep and eat properly. Sleep is very important to think properly or to concentrate. Food is necessary for nutrients and strength.

Positive attitude: If you are positive about learning and experiencing new things, your memory will improve. Unlike this, if you keep reminding yourself that you have a poor memory, you cannot improve it. So positive attitude makes you reach your expectation easily.

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By practicing the above tips, you can look at yourself with a great brain. This will get you a good name in school as well as in work. A person with a good memory and brain is appreciated everywhere.

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