India Battling In Restraining The H1N1 Outbreak As Death Toll Rises

India Battling In Restraining The H1N1 Outbreak As Death Toll Rises
India Battling In Restraining The H1N1 Outbreak As Death Toll Rises

Image Source: dna india news

India is persuading its states to ensure the required stock of anti-flu medication and diagnostic tests as it battles to control a disorder of H1N1 influenza that caused the death of more than 700 people in the last two months.

The government stated on Thursday that there’s no shortage of the medicines to treat the disease after news report came from Jammu & Kashmir in the north to Mumbai in the west said that private chemists were running out of the drug as customers rushed to acquire supplies. According to the report of Press Trust of India on Thursday, the virus has so far killed 703 and infected 11,000 people.

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Generally, most of the people are likely to catch the flu in the winter months rather than getting it from the rest of the seasons, though this year’s epidemic of H1N1 virus in northern India seems to be the most horrible after the year 2009.

Yatin Dholakia, who is a chest specialist in Mumbai, believes that people are getting distressed and more afraid because for the doctors and specialist, it is really getting very difficult to differentiate this H1N1 from other routine flues. Besides, even from the side of doctors it’s not easy to find the cause, and they are still uncertain about the reason for the high death rates this year.

People with weaker immune system like pregnant women, elderly people, young children, a diabetic patient with improperly controlled sugar levels, and HIV patients tends to be more vulnerable to rising complications following the H1N1 flu.

While such epidemic is common everywhere and people are dying, officials from the health ministry doesn’t seem to be much concerned about this disease as they did not respond to the calls and e-mail asking advice and comments on this flu.

Second Outbreak

States like Rajasthan, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir Gujarat, Telangana, tend to be the inferiorly-infected by the epidemic.

Narendra Raval, chest specialist, Ahmadabad in Gujarat stated that since flu of 2009 this is the second time of a major disorder pertaining to H1N1 , causing lots of chaos among the people as they reach  the medical centres assuming they are suffering from it but actually very few have H1N1.

H1N1 strain of the influenza virus caused the disease spread out throughout the various states of India. The symptoms of this virus are fatigue, chills, headaches, high fevers and sore throat. People can acquire the disease very easily by inhaling or breathing in virus-loaded droplets released by sick patients suffering from coughing, sneezing and by coming in contact with the skin of the infected person.

As per the data revealed by Health Ministry on Feb. 11, it shows that the virus has been spreading throughout the major parts of the country at a very higher pace. The data shows that there are overall 5,157 reported cases with 407 deaths this year. The Press Trust of India reported on Thursday stating that in the upcoming eight days, the number of cases is more likely to be doubled.

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Even in such epidemic scenario, medical facilities are thinking of making their profit as the diagnostic testing services in some cities have been switched into profit as they see large numbers of patients’ sufferings from this panic by increasing the medical test charges. The Financial Express reported on Thursday that the newly elected government in Delhi previous week cut down the charges of the diagnostic test at 4,500 rupees ($72), after news reports came that some medical facilities were charging double than the actual price .

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