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Invention is a leap towards Innovation

Invention is a leap towards Innovation


invention is a leap towards innovation

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People who are generally great and successful inventors have a bulk of ideas to create history. They truly believe that ideas are a plus to inspiration and thoughts. A lot of hard work is required to get the ideas initiated from start to finish. The Aspen Institute CEO Walter Isaacson and Steve jobs, the author created a revolution in the history of digital world and digitalization to get into the square roots of creative and successful leap of innovation with a series of innovators and exemplary thinkers.

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Who were world’s famous inventors?

The successful innovators behind this were a group of hackers, geeks, and geniuses who created a massive revolution in 2014 with their thoughts and ideas that created a digital scope for revolution. What grabbed the attention and made it more noticeable were the creativity, invention, and innovation of this creative team of inventors. Though, lots of ideas do not make you innovative what matters is that the ideas should be original, unique, and attractive. They should have a spark of uniqueness in them, something that stands out extraordinarily and that attracts others to them.

People loved MC Lean’s anecdote theory basically based on preconception that was common. It was called the Newton’s theory of great innovation, ‘to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Authors who invented and talked invention

Isaacson’s latest book “The Innovators” talks about the history of computers and internet that spreads out evenly in an array to basically figure out the profiles of known individuals who played a very crucial role in the evolution of modern information technology. Every innovator had a tremendous way of creating things that introduced a world changing experience always focusing on a question of how an idea is formed? How does it take roots? Is the other idea just sidelined?

Authors like Isaacson and Albert Einstein felt that ideas create history, a revolution in the masses. The brilliance of a brilliant innovator turns ideas into reality, dreams into vision, and thoughts into implementation that are practical, and commercially advanced.

Ideas are the first step towards innovation

Great ideas result in great innovation. That not only comes from a person but from a team of creative thinkers who think actively and collaboratively. Isaacson says that every individual interacts with others differently and that innovation is not a loner’s endeavor. It is not a sin but a machine that transforms ideas into reality; those which could benefit later.

It takes hard work to frame your ideas into action. But, that’s innovation. Innovation is thinking out of the box. It is not about showing how creative you can be but how creative your ideas can be at an organizational level. Inventors usually like to work their own way independently with creative sight, mind and an ecosystem. Always “believe in the idea of making dreams into reality”.

Failing again and again does not matter! What matters is that you try again. And if you did, you will succeed some day and that day will be an invention unparalleled. Inventors never quit and quitters never win so to invent, a new good imagination and hard work are necessary. Working hard for something we love is passion and that results in invention which is outbound. Invention of something unique and spectacular that creates history with a creative light is a leap towards innovation in a different way that not only results in inventory ideas but creating thoughts into reality.

How to make it happen?

Success is not a mere accident but it is the hard work that is put into it. Perseverance allows you to get going significantly. What matters in a good invention is that we all should wire up and introduce something to this world; something which benefits all. The possibility it holds expands our minds with intellectual thinking, hope and delight. Innovations are aspects that create something beyond challenge, something that marks excellence. And a mind that carries such imagination is unique and creative.

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The hard work of inventors who discovered an innovation power beyond excellence stands strong. A new sight is a creative thinker’s idea to dream big and make it happen. The excellence is the result of these thoughts framed in a series of exemplary views put together in one piece.

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