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Invited To A Job Interview – Do Make Sure That It’s Not a Scam, Follow These Simple Tips to Evaluate The Interviewing Company

Invited To A Job Interview – Do Make Sure That It’s Not a Scam, Follow These Simple Tips to Evaluate The Interviewing Company
Invited To A Job Interview

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Each one of us aspires for a job that is ideal in terms of work, culture, people and pay. We all look for jobs providing sufficient growth opportunities and benefits, both personal and professional. Quite often, in the search for an ideal job we fall prey to bogus job interviews and selection calls which are not only a waste of time but sometimes also lead to disappointment.

There are a lot of people who randomly pick up profiles from job offering sites like and start contacting people in search for jobs. In haste, we agree to such interview offers only to find out that they are a scam. Some end up in shady work places and others with a very low pay. Some offer work opportunities way too different than promised and others show stagnant growth. Their intention is just to use you as an agent between companies or to get access to your network of people. So before you say “okay! I’ll be there” for any interview; you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the name of the employer? This should include information about both the company and the person who’s communicating with you throughout the recruitment process. You might choose to search for the person on the internet. Finding one definitely confirms the authenticity of the interview call.
  • What kind of work are you being hired for? It is imperative to know the work that you would be responsible for. If it’s not of your interest, the job is not for you.
  • When is the company looking to hire someone? that is when would be the date of joining and what all procedure the whole application and recruitment process will entail.
  • What is the approximate pay of this position? Though not everyone will be able to tell you the exact salary or stipend but a rough value will give you an idea whether you actually want to work there or not.
  • How long has this position been open, and why is it open? Did someone quit or get promoted, or is this a new position? Knowing the history related to this position will help you predict whether you are an ideal fit for this job. If you feel the reason for someone quitting the job is viable, then you will also not stay there for long.

These in general help in predicting a lot about the authenticity of the interview call. If the answers seem fishy, you know the whole thing is a set up. Still, being alert and trying to extract as much information as possible about the employer as well as the position will save you from falling into the trap of fake interview calls.

Another way to prevent such instances is to ask the interviewer to view your profile on LinkedIn. They can look at your LinkedIn profile and talk to you by phone to learn anything they want to know about you. Those who try to avoid this are mostly fake interviewers.

We all wish to have our dream job. But we should try and avoid making any decision in a hurry. There’s no rush. It’s never too late to switch between jobs. Growing is a part of life, if not in the current job then surely in the next. Thorough thinking and research should be conducted before choosing a job as the one for you. Trust your gut and don’t rush off to a job interview until you thoroughly check out the situation and confirm its authenticity. You deserve to spend time with people as professional and intellectual as you are, and leave the rest to crawl back into whatever pond they clambered out of.

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