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Job Interview Hairstyles For Men – Read Up for Some Quick Handy Tips To Fix Those Interview Woes

Job Interview Hairstyles For Men – Read Up for Some Quick Handy Tips To Fix Those Interview Woes
Job Interview Hairstyles For Men

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Are you gearing up for a job interview? Do not overlook one of the most important facets of your disposition – your hair. Just as it is important for a lady to be appropriately dressed for an interview, it is very important for a man to sport a perfect interview hairstyle no matter what. Irrespective of the length of the hair, a proper hairstyle of the interviewee leaves an impression on the interviewers. Well, its almost certain that short hair is always preferable over long hair. Interviewers are loathe to hire men whose hair touch their collars, goes the unsaid norm. Again it depends on the industry one is going to work for. One who is going to be in a liberal or arts related set up can be condoned for having long hair, but a man working for financial institutions and other organized sector work will have to conform to the norms of proper hairstyle.

Men with Long Hair:

If you have long hair, make sure that it stays off your face. Beauty locks are strict no-no. Properly washed, cleaned and combed hair can be tied into a ponytail to save the interviewer and interviewee all the distraction. Guys with hair that touches the nape of the neck can get their hair chopped and wait for them to grow back once the interview is cracked and the job is secured. Gradual is better than sudden.

Men with Short Hair:

Short hair is very basic in nature and doesn’t require much work, unless you weirdly shave the sides, in a bid to look punk. Avoid very short haircuts, as they look over-the-top and may give the interviewer a feeling that you have been through ungodly situations in the jail.

Style Your Hair:

There are various products available to set out your hair. Applying these are not difficult at all. It’s the procedure which is different for different products like hair wax, Pomade, and styling cream. Here are the simplest and efficient ways on how to apply them over your hair and the points to be noted while applying them. So get style smart.

  1. Hair wax:

The hair wax is not much recommended but is used to get the style without much effort and less shine. Well this is the most difficult product of all other men’s hair products since it contains least amount of water. That is the reason it’s recommended to apply the hair wax on the wet, slightly damp, towel-dried (mostly after hair-shower) hair so as to provide the product the wax water to loosen itself and thus allowing one to massage it through the whole hair. Firstly carve out a small piece of wax with the index finger and spread it through the fingers by rubbing the hands together. This would surface the whole hand with wax. Now massage with the hands into the hair by running fingers through them, reaching every locks and straights of hair.

Lastly, design the hair into your favorite and desired style. For the hair to set out with the wax allow it to dry. After sometime the hair would be hard and would be set as was molded. The advantage that the hair wax offers is the freedom to mold it; even if a strong wind blows out and destroys the curvatures of your hair you can always get that back. Just drop some water in your hands, rub it over your hands and again give it a move. Tada! Its back. Note that the hair of Ryan Reynolds is shaped the hair wax alone.

  1. Pomade:

The sole purpose of applying the Pomade is to get lots of styles, hold and a hell lot of shine. The live example of such shine and stylish hair due to the Pomade is Jon Hamm. Actually the Pomade is a different breed; unlike the hair wax it works better on the dry hair. Application of Pomade to the hair will give the person a shiny finish and excellent hold of the hair curvatures for the classic ‘Mad-Men’ style.

To apply it, scoop out a small piece of Pomade and apply it over your finger and then rub your hands to surface over your hands. Now having done it, massage it over your hair from root to the tips. Now this is very important as your hair is dry, and you won’t wish to have the Pomade sitting over your hair tips since it won’t mold out perfectly. So to distribute it perfectly throughout your hair equally massage it from the roots to the tips.

Finally use a fine-toothed comb to give curves to your hair in the desired style and allow setting it for some time.

  1. Styling cream:

Well, the styling cream is recommended if one wants to have a natural look and get the hydrated locks. Ever noticed the hair of Adrian Grenier’s hair? Those are set by the styling creams. Unlike others, styling cream is the easiest product to use since it adjusts to every type of hair. One can easily manage them once applied. These are especially beneficial if a person is bearing curly or longer hair and wants them to set out in the desired style. Also notice that applying them to damp hair is beneficial and is very favorable but applying them to dry hair is also workable. So, no need to worry for the state of the hair. To apply it, cut out a coin-shaped drop of the cream and put it over your palms. Rub them together until it’s all over your hand and fingers. Next, run them through your hairs from back to front while maintaining the stands covered as uniformly as possible. Finally use the fingers or a comb to give style to your hair as desired.

Well we know that men do not have too many options when it comes to Job Interviews. Lets appreciate the brighter side, too few options mean too less work and fewer reasons to worry.

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