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Job search made easy

Job search made easy
Job search made easy

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People looking for jobs; now it’s time to speed up your hunt and do things accordingly. Summer is over and the fall is round the corner and the hiring managers are again out there hiring. So start your hunt, but before doing that here are some things you need to understand:-

Treat each day as a golden opportunity: Looking back and thinking about the past with guilt inside won’t do you any good. You won’t be able to achieve anything by crying over spilt milk, but if you treat each day as a new opportunity to start fresh, you will be able to put your maximum potential in your efforts. Every day is a golden opportunity for you, so don’t dishearten yourself if you haven’t worked for it now. Now, it’s time to start hunting for jobs and maybe you could get a better job than you would have before had you searched for it.

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Get Family Support: Since the fall is just around the corner, the time has come when you need to sit with your family and talk about getting a job, for which you need time too. Make sure you are able to make your family members understand that you need time (hours) for that, so that they don’t ask you to run errands or do some other chores during the day just because you are jobless at the moment.

However, it is obligatory for you to do your part and make an effective use of your time by setting a schedule for your hunt, which would include everything from researching to interviewing and so on.

Go through your Resume: If you haven’t presented the credits and results in your resume achieved at your former or current job or if you haven’t written the story about how you did things which were expected of you, now is the time to go through your resume once again. It’s time for you to rewrite it. Always remember that your resume is not just a brochure of everything you did, but rather a marketing document that consists of all the qualities you have suitable for the job. So try making it one of the best in the world because it is the content of your resume that matters for a job.

You can go through several books and articles that suggest various ways to strengthen your resume, but if you feel it is not your cup of tea, try consulting an expert or perhaps a resume writer, as strengthening your resume will help you loads in getting a job. A strong resume is preferred for any job as compared to a weak resume.

Try expanding your network: All the groups and associations are back into action after the long summer break, so it’s time to expand you network. Try to fit in your college alumni association, industrial groups, professional associations, etc. Make sure that you attend lectures and classes and other events and opportunities like retreats, etc. so that you meet new people and expand your network. You should try to be an extrovert in nature and make it a habit of talking to new people and showing interest in them as this would help you to meet a person with whom you share common interests.

Make sure you get all contact info of people you meet, so that you connect with them later by using LinkedIn.

Remember slow and steady wins then race: You can work two ways, either you could apply to a thousand jobs online in a day, without researching about the company you have applied in. Or you could take time to research companies you have an interest in and then apply. Try writing a cover letter for your resume, to show why and how you can live up to their expectations and fulfill the results expected of you, and then slowly make your way inside. You must know that adding values is important.

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Present yourself online: Try writing a blog and make sure to include all the links to the professional articles you find extraordinary and persuasive. Make sure to be a part of a forum so that you could engage yourself in groups and discussions within the LinkedIn groups. Also think of a more professional and sophisticated e-mail ID rather than a funky childish username. And, get rid of everything on your Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere that could portray a negative image to anyone.

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