Jobs Boom In Cities Where People Obsessively Network

Jobs Boom In Cities Where People Obsessively Network

Jobs Boom In Cities Where People Obsessively Network

Forming and maintaining a strong circle of contacts is always important. And this is what we call networking in common language. A solid network serves well for years and not just you are the one who benefits but it kind of forms a circle where a different set of people benefit from a different set of people altogether. It also becomes an additional tool in your toolbox especially during the times of economic uncertainty.

Networking includes both internal as well as external, internal networking mostly is about one on one interaction with interpersonal conversations and skill exchange mostly within your local circle like office or locality. It is very important for you to grow and prosper as an individual and excel as a whole. You can enhance your current situation as well as future prospects.

External networking refers to expanding being your limited horizon and growing out of it in a bigger and a wider territory. More often than not it also means exploring an unchartered territory altogether. This also makes it painful sometimes. For some people networking comes effortlessly and it helps them in more than one ways towards a good profile on the social front.

A good networking skills is always important. It helps you build up a social image, which subsequently gets you a good job. It builds your contacts as a result of which several new and different avenues open up to you and helps you land up in a good working environment.

You need to make networking a regular activity to derive the maximum benefits out of it, it may seem to be difficult initially but soon you will get accustomed to it and positive results will start showing henceforth. In order to build effective networking people also need to get rid of the “internet panhandle syndrome” and be aware of their target audience, that is know, who they are reaching out to out of which calculate their power contacts. It burns useless bridges and exerts a more positive influence on the prospective employer.

A new study has found out that jobs have been added more to the economy in those cities where LinkedIn users have a dense web of connections. The time period was taken to be between 2010 and 2014 and it was discovered that those “metro regions” which were more connected had shown a double rate of growth in terms of jobs as compared to those which were least connected. This was more or less a foregone conclusion as we can directly examine the benefits of networking in securing a job.

The entire research was commissioned by LinkedIn and carried out by Michael Mandel, president of South Mountain Economics and the chief economist at Business week Bloomberg. The study was titled as “Connections as a tool for growth” and it shows that job growth is directly proportional to the density of connections, however doesn’t guarantee the overall growth of cities.

Mandel states that as professionals in more vibrant local economies come in contact with other professionals, it is natural to have denser connections. Formulating an “index of connectedness” in 275 metro stations in the US and based it on the average number of LinkedIn connections and compared it with the job numbers from Labor Bureau Statistics. Thereafter, their co-relation was determined using regression analysis.

In conclusion we can say that increasing connectedness has the potential to improve the functioning of labor market and hence the outcome of the research is quite genuine.

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