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Key To Office Productivity – Reduce Interruption

Key To Office Productivity – Reduce Interruption
Key To Office Productivity - Reduce Interruption

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Productivity is one of the key factors that determine the worth of an employee. The more work a person gets done in less time, the greater is his productivity. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having minimal interruptions at work, and the best way to ensure this is to work outside the office environment.

A survey conducted recently by some employees revealed that when working outside the office environment, about 30% of them got more work done in less time. On the other hand, 24% of them got more done at the time equivalent to the office time.

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It is, however, a whole different ball game if the job is a sedentary job where the worker can’t take the work outside the workplace. Thus in order to improve productivity in such a workplace, here are a few tips to get more done:

Keep In Mind the Big Picture: It is important to focus on the matter that whether it is the workplace environment that is chaotic and interrupting or whether it is the fault of the employee. A good example is that of a manager where the manager gets all sorts of questions all day long that causes the interruptions, then it is time to introspect. It then becomes necessary to question the authority of the manager and bring about some necessary changes.

Set up Time for No Interruption:  For each and every person, there is a specific time of the day when the productivity is at maximum. It could be any time of the day, and in order to ensure that the optimum work is done in that stipulated time set up a No Interruption Time. The best example is to paste a note informing the co-workers to not interrupt during that certain time unless it is an emergency. By doing this, it is ensured in the long run that there are no interruptions during that time.

Change the Base of Operation:- In crunch times or meeting deadlines, it is more prudent to change the environment of work within the office. In case the employee’s workplace is a cubicle, then he/she can work from some empty boardroom or conference to ensure least interruptions and give the ability to perform maximum work in tight situations as it will be harder for fellow co- workers to cause disturbance.

Bring About a Change in Office Culture:- Another way to ensure least interruption is to bring about a change in the office culture. The introduction of new ideas such as having a meeting at least once in a week or every alternate week might work. In the case having meetings are important and can’t be changed, and then having a few hours of no interaction once or twice a week might work in favour of the employee. It will ensure a peaceful environment in the office so that everyone can work with absolute concentration for at least a couple of hours.

Use Earphones or Headset:-The basic idea here is to reduce contact with the external office environment. This kind of self-isolation will in turn increase the employee’s productivity. If the employee is concentrating real hard or if is busy with the phone, then people will tend not to initiate conversation or banter. In the case wearing headsets or headphones do not work, visual barriers can be utilised. A good example is having a plant or a lamp on the desk. This will make it harder for the fellow workers to make contact visually and hence verbally. So in this way interruptions can be reduced.

Silence all Electronic Stimulus: – Sometimes it is not just people who are a source of interruption but electronic media such as cell phones and emails can also create a lot of disturbances. So in order to get more out of the working hours, it is advisable to keep the cell phone in silent mode and to turn off the personal push email. This strategy is particularly useful during crisis situations and when meeting deadlines.

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There will be certain times in the office when the conditions will be quiet, serene and peaceful. Such as early in the morning before the general shift begins or after the regular shift ends. An employee could utilise this time in his/her favour and get more done by spending a few days in a month doing extra time. An hour or two of work in quiet conditions with utmost concentration can get a lot of work done in a short span of time.

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