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Be a Leader not a Boss

Be a Leader not a Boss
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To have the best business and see astounding results, you need to have a great team that is ready to put in as much effort as you can. But to have a team like this, you need to be a great boss and also know how effectively you can lead them. Being rude and obnoxious and irritating to your team over trivial matters won’t help you. You can get away with it as you are the boss but you will never be able to build a strong and steady team that will remain loyal to you. So, above all, the most important thing one can do is to make their team members feel important and significant about themselves. Here are the seven tips to help you become just that:

  1. Be a team player and eradicate the word “boss”. This word sounds all dominant and too shrouded with pride. This is not what you want your team members to feel about you. So, nix this word and get some work going. Be a good leader whose footsteps everyone will want to step in and not follow the wrong notions. Also, this will give your team the life they need to work better and be on the same page with everyone else. You will have a renewed spirit to achieve success yourself.
  2. Be open to the ideas of your team members. Brainstorming with the people who are helping it grow can be the best thing that you can do for your company. This is because people will genuinely come up with good ideas. The best way to do this is to encourage your team to come with new and better ideas. If the idea lacks substance, then encourage them to improve upon the ideas instead of shooting it downright. This will help your team members to open up. If any great idea comes up, put it in action right away.
  3. Assign work to team members that they will enjoy to accomplish. This is very important. If you want your teammates to feel important, then you should give them the task that they would love to do. Of course, there are other tasks to be looked into too but then never back down from giving them something that catches their interest. You can always mix and match stuff.
  4. Give your team members their due credit and the required praise. Everyone loves compliments and praise for their hard work. It also boosts up their personality and every other spirit to do better. This would help them perform better and give them the boost they need. Praise them in front of the staff and publicly and point out their exceptional work.
  5. Never demean your team members. This is one of the points that you should always keep in mind. Remember that they are your team players and they should not carry any grudges against you, and this is possible only when you ensure that they are feeling safe. Never talk to them in a way that hurts their self-respect. Also, never put them down, either in person or front of everyone. This will just take their zeal. People will not like you and that is the last thing you want from your team. Always handle the situation with integrity and treat your team members with respect. That is what a leader would do.
  6. Build a rapport that is more than the professional bond. Connect with your workers and know them better on a personal level. This will give them the right vibes. Know about their family, their hobbies and the things they like the most. This would help them feel safe, and you will create a connection. But be cautious so that you don’t cross the line, and step in their comfort zone making them feel uncomfortable.
  7. Show that you care and give your team members the much required break. This helps a lot as you will be showing your workers that you are not a tyrant, and people can approach if they are in any urgent situation. If you see signs of distress in someone, give them a break so that they can relax and come back with a positive mind frame the next

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It’s all about good communication and a healthy attitude that will let your workers know that you care. This would help them grow and also help your company achieve milestones. They are people, and if they are treated with respect and dignity, they will always put in their best because they will feel a part of it. And they will feel so if you put in the efforts to give them the required direction and guidance. Being a leader is important than being the boss, and it will go a long way.

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