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8 Lessons From Steve Jobs

8 Lessons From Steve Jobs
Lessons From Steve Jobs Knew How To Run A Meeting: Here’s How He Did It!

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One of the best marketers the world has ever seen, we think of and the most fascinating of all, Steve Jobs has been an inspiration for all the budding entrepreneurs for years. His graph of success speaks wonders about his zeal and knack for excellence. Leaving Apple and forming his own start-up NeXT lured many to follow him and work for his company. His personality was mesmerizing, and so was his mind and passion for work.

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Here are some of the things that can be well learnt from this person and can be very helpful for all and the ones who want to leave their mark and set up examples for their work.

Passion for what you say

When you hear him speak, you can sense the honesty and passion of it. He will stand by every word he speaks, and that is why people trust him. So if you want to be an inspiration someday, make sure you are natural and enthusiastic about what you say and can do anything for your passion. For every argument you place, also give a relevant example in support of it. Don’t leave any confusion in the minds of listeners.

Create value for customers

As an entrepreneur think not just about making big bucks for yourself but also to do something for the customers. Once you work towards doing some value addition for your consumers, you will surely succeed in creating the most effective brand. If you just focus on making wealth and just throwing down the value of customers in the dustbin, then your shop is surely going to shut down within the small time frame. This is what Steve Jobs did. He worked not just to become the biggest entrepreneur but to do something for the people and make their lives easy.

Face challenges

What fun will you get if you don’t challenge your work and do better each time! This is what happened under the guidance of Steve Jobs. He challenged everything around, and this curiosity helped him achieve the best outcome as well as bring out the best in his employees too. So always ask why and try to find out answers for it too. This will make you efficient each day. We are not defined by the way we bypass any obstacle or challenges but by the way we face them and conquer them.

Stay on course

Once you are on a mission, you need to keep a track of everything you are doing towards it. This will improve your focus and keep a track of what needs to be done further. Steve Jobs paid special attention to this too. He made sure not just him but his employees too are well versed with what is happening so that no one loses track of the things. Once you lose track and get diverted from your course of work, and then your goal will remain unaccomplished.

Set your priorities

Once you know what you want to achieve, you need to align your priorities too. If you know it and can defend the same in front of your employees then it can prove to be very useful and an addition to company’s success. As Steve Jobs mentioned in his company’s meeting to place the priority on price first and also defended the same, his team was always clear on what they had to do next.

Interrupting can be good

If you are in a meeting and someone is speaking on something that is digressing from your agenda, be polite enough and speak for it. This is what Steve Jobs did during his work course. No nonsense attitude can help you focus on what is necessary and relevant.

Don’t let failure pull you down

If you are starting with something new, you are bound to find failure some time or the other. As Steve Jobs said, if you fail once doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed ahead. So throw away the fears of failure and every time you lose, find ways to get back on track with a new inspiration.

Look at what you achieved

Sometimes our goals are so far away that we feel intimidated. During such times make sure you look back at your achievements so far because nothing can inspire you more than your achievements. And Steve Jobs did it the right way, he focused on the good they have done so far and got inspired to work further.

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These are just some lessons you can learn and make a difference in your company. However, there are many more things that you can learn from him. So whenever you get a chance, get inspired by him!

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