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Lifecycle Of An Enterprise – Bharat Banka

Lifecycle Of An Enterprise – Bharat Banka


India’s one of the leading IT companies has been in noise, for the noticeable changes that took place recently in the firm. The analysts, investors, forums and shareholders, all went through simultaneous changes visibly. And, this incident puts an interesting light on the life cycle of an enterprise and the various stages of development it goes through.

A firm has to go through a transition once a small scale or a medium scale organisation becomes a bit larger one. When the issues like shareholders, revenue streams, diversity of the workforce and geographical presence, all are in good working condition then the company needs to work on further dimensions. They are:

  • The role allocation, in which it has to be defined, that what role is to be played by the employees and founders of the firm.
  • Allocation of the capital, in which the one who provides it has to segregated from the ones using it.
  • The third one is the management of transition, i.e. the changes happening in the firm have to be organised, managed, and systematically carried. Every decision has to be taken very efficiently.

The universe is said to be the creation of Lord Brahma, the preservation of Lord Vishnu and the disruption of Lord Mahesh. And, these Gods regulate the cycle of the Universe. Similarly, the cycle of an enterprise is operated by the creator of the firm, i.e. the Founder and co-founder of the organisation; the preserver of the organisation, i.e. the managers and the CEO of the company, and the disruption of the firm is in the hands of the one who does all the strategic planning for the firm.

The OWNERS, or the creators of the firms, are the ones who foresee the future of the plans, strategies and finance of the organisation. They should actually always consider the forecasting for changing political, social and legal environments. Also, next and upcoming generation of the company is an important issue to be given a thought on. The small issues and decision-making related to the market and production should be assigned to the various managers. The owners of the firm and the ones having a large share in the firm, are responsible for the growth or decline of the firm, financially, legally or even the goodwill. They have a devoted commitment towards the organisation and its objectives.

The PRESERVER of the firm, i.e. the managers and the CEO, are responsible for building good and healthy relations with the employees to ensure organisation, harmony, teamwork and sense of belongingness among them. They have to look after it that the internal procedures, processes, are transparent and systematic. It preserves and sustains the company for a long term existence.

The DISRUPTOR, i.e. the strategy makers of the firm are the ones who keep a regular check on the procedures, processes, plans of the company and how they are being implemented and executed in action. They can prompt the operations of the firm, with their suggestions and thoughts, which can improve the internal or external system of the firm. The disruptor is responsible for the growth as well as the decline of the organisation.

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