A List Of 2014’s Top Market Winners And Losers

A List Of 2014’s Top Market Winners And Losers
A List Of 2014’s Top Market Losers And Winners

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Market is a place where one cannot be sure of when to his fortune will rise and when would it fall. Below statistics that show last year’s top winners and losers.

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  • Kite Pharma, a Santa Monica-based company, had its initial public offering in the month of June with no revenue or profit. The company offered a unique way of curing cancer patients by genetically modifying a patient’s immune system to kill the cancer’s virus. It ended up being the top performing companies in the United States I.P.O.
  • In the United States stock market company named Avanir Pharmaceuticals gained the top position. The company received a takeover bid from Japanese Company named Otsuka Holdings. The company progressed and experienced a growth of 401% in United States stock market.
  • Considering the growth in currency, last year, Somali Shilling experienced a rise of 52% due to the accession made by the Central Government against Al-Shabab militants.
  • Similarly, moving on to the metals, prices of palladium experienced a growth of 12%. This constrained supply can be considered as a result of palladium sanctions in Russia and a strike in South Africa.
  • There was also a considerable growth in the energy resources with a rise of 6% growth in solar battery stocks. This considerable increase in the price of energy resources can be credited to better batteries and low cost of the solar energy.
  • Now moving on to agriculture, previous year saw a huge increase in the demand for This demand nearly rose by 58%. The reason for an increase in the demand was a drought that occurred in Brazil which is considered as the largest exporter of the same.
  • Considering the situation of the Sovereign Debt, Argentina got leverage in its faceoff debt due to a rally in Peso.
  • Denmark, shortly after the euro crisis, has recovered from the same and consequently its Danish economy has started to grow again.
  • China again returned to the market as the central bank and took steps to boost the economy.


Now let’s have a look at some of the companies or sectors for who 2014 wasn’t lucky enough.

  • The most surprising downfall was of the “Bitcoin” also called the digital currency. The digital currency jumped 8400 percent in its first 11 months of being introduced in the year 2013. But as 2014 began the hype began to fade although it was still accepted by the retailers and the investors who were very much interested in Bitcoin and also were investing thousands of dollars in it.
  • The second most surprising or rather shocking downfall was the one of “Cliff Natural Resources”. The mining company is still under debt and is trying to pay off the same. The iron prices have dropped drastically to a five-year low price.
  • Considering the matter of currency, the Ukrainian Hryvnia has seen a major decline in its value. Compared to 2013 its value fell by 45%. Possible reason for this is its recent conflict with Russia.
  • Silver metal although was much in demand in the year 2013 but as 2014 approached people began to abandon the metal and consequently its price dropped by 18%.
  • Compared to the year 2013 the demand of Brent Crude also remained tepid due to which it saw a decrease in price by 41%.
  • Taking look at agriculture the rubber prices declined by 21% because of the oversupply. The reason for oversupply was the rapid demand of rubber which led to over production of the same in the year 2011.
  • Moving on to the sovereign debt in Russia, many investors bailed out due to recession and currency crisis that led to a 17% decrease in the same.
  • Due to the concern of the leaders agreeing on the debt bailout plan many of the lenders were worried as they thought that these leaders might be rejected. This led to the depreciation in the stock market of Greece.

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  • Prime Minister of Hungary alarmed the investors by proposing his idea of illiberal democracy. This led to a decrease in the stock market by 12%.
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