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Want To Manage Your Boss ? 3 Ways To Manage Your Boss

Want To Manage Your Boss ? 3 Ways To Manage Your Boss
Want To Manage Your Boss? 3 Ways To Manage Your Boss

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You might just think that it’s your boss who will have to be managing you all the time. But then you will have to manage them too. You must be managing your boss as well as your colleagues, and it applies the other way round too. The suggestion here is everyone has to become a sincere and responsible manager who can manage themselves and others too. Harvard Business Review suggests the very same lines saying that throwing away the traditional attitude of boss and subordinate to walk into a more responsible role is quite important.

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Though the entire thing seems a very simple concept to implement in real life when it comes to showing this as a new model to represent in the company you walk in every day, it might show up to be a real challenge.

The greatest shift that every individual will face will be the adoption of pro-activity as their default behavior. If you thought that concept of managing is in terms of reporting lines and matrices, then we need a little more clarity in this discussion. It is more like taking the responsibility and ownership of responsibility to hold a proper communication about what is happening and owning the process of getting something done perfectly.

A New Pattern:

Being proactive is just not easy. Getting away with it is just so simple. There is much less difference between doing something and not doing something. All the lazy weekends you spent at home. Remember them? It was just much potentially easier to sit at home rather than get yourself together and take your dog out. It stands to be similar to communication at work.

It is much easier just to receive the command and complete the task rather than take the upper hand and bother to know the proceedings. Such proactive communication will provide the proof to your boss about how you can manage your tasks and work with efficiency, but this will surely mean you will need to speak up.

  1. Own what is yours:
  • Try to tackle your problems than to rush away from them.
  • Be bold to face the facts and stop dumping it between your emotions. Things need not go as per your plans all the time. But what matters is whether or not you can communicate your proceedings about the delay and your actions effectively. Do not wait until the last moment arrives when you have to explain the delay shamefully.
  • Though the slogan, ‘you say something when you see ‘ is focused towards public work, it might fit in right at your work place.
  1. Anticipate :
  • Might sound very insensible but looking to the future and anticipating what might happen is essential.
  • Pull out your gut feelings and blend it perfectly with a tinge of diligence in order to anticipate what could be the result of your detailed Undoubtedly though not completely a portion of what you anticipated might come out to be true. This is an advantage compared to having no clue what might happen. This will also influence your actions forth.
  • Once you have an idea about the potential challenges that could walk your way then plan what you will do about them. Play out different possible scenarios and try to find a way to handle them all. Now, communicate it.
  1. Communicate :
  • Start over communicating. Keep giving updates. Even in case you know your boss has an idea about what’s going on make it a point to keep them updated. Talk about your progress, data and also about the potential challenges that might come in the way.
  • Make it a point to have a weekly report prepared. Not a huge passage but a 15 minutes write and 5 minutes read report.

Just as much as your boss is accountable for managing you, you are accountable for managing your work. But in case your boss does not encourage you about this and simply asks you to get the job done, it is high time you considered a new job. However, more chances are there that they get impressed by your responsible behavior and consider giving you a better and more suited work.

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While managing might seem very different doing these few could never bring you any harm if not a better result. So maybe you should give it a try but an honest and dedicated one.

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