Map Showing Largest Company In Every State By Revenue

Map Showing Largest Company In Every State By Revenue

Map Showing Largest Company In Every State By Revenue

Revenue for any country is very important as it is amongst the important tools of fiscal policies of any ruling government. It is also considered to be an opposite factor to the spending of government. This revenue is received by the ruling government from different sources. Major among the sources are taxes implemented on the wealth accumulation and incomes of corporations as well as individuals and also on the goods and services that are produced by them. Governments all around the globe earn revenue from some main sources like Tax revenue, non-tax revenue and Capital Receipts.

The graphic mentioned above is showing the largest company in every state by revenue.

Mike Simmons has created this in collaboration with Broadview Networks. The mentioned map has drawn information from a Dun and Bradstreet Company named Hoover’s. This site includes all the

Mike Simmon has based whole decision for each headquarter of the state off company and also excluded any government agencies along with any subsidiaries.

There are many companies that make perfect sense, General Motors in Michigan with a data of $155.42 billion, Exxon in Texas with a data of $407.66 billion and also Walmart with a perfect data of $476.29 billion in Arkansas.

However, others have given a shock. One might think that famous leading companies like Boeing or Microsoft reigns in capital city Washington. But if you see the data it would surprise you that Costco with $105.15 billion in revenue, has come out on the leading position.

These are some of the largest states of the country, and these states give residence to many companies and returned with large revenue too.

Some other major companies are also included broadly in this revenue system in the country. Alabama that is a Regions Bank gave revenue of $5.89 in the region Birmingham, AL.  Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation in the region Juneau, AK gave revenue $4.44 billion. Arizona– Avnet, Inc. gave $25.45 billion in Phoenix. Arkansas– Wal-Mart Stores gave a sum of $476.29 billion in region Bentonville, AR. California– Chevron Corporation in San Ramon, CA gave $228.84 billion.  Colorado– Arrow Electronics, Inc. in the location Englewood, CO gave $21.35 billion as revenue. Connecticut– General Electric gave $146.04 billion in $146.04. Florida– World Fuel Services Corporation in the region Doral, FL gave $41.56 billion. Georgia– Home information which is up-to-date and shows the figures from the latest fiscal year.Depot International in the location Atlanta, GA gave revenue $85.53 billion. Hawaii– Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. gave revenue of $3.23 billion. Idaho– Micron Technology, Inc. gave $9.07 billion in the location Boise, ID. Illinois – Archer Daniels Midland in the location Decatur, IL gave revenue of $89.8 billion. Indiana– WellPoint gave revenue $71.02 billion in the location Indianapolis, IN. Kansas Sprint Communications, Inc in the location Overland Park, KS gave revenue of $34.56 billion. Kentucky Humana, Inc. gave $41.14 in the region Louisville, KY. Louisiana – CenturyLink, Inc gave $18.09 billion in the location Monroe, LA. Maine– Hannaford Bros. Co in the region Scarborough, ME gave $3.98 billion. Maryland – Lockheed Martin Corporation provided revenue of $45.35 billion in the region Bethesda, MD. Massachusetts– Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc. gave revenue of $38.5 billion in the area Boston, MA. Michigan– General Motors gave $155.42 billion in region Detroit, MI. Missouri – Express Scripts Holding in the region St. Louis, MO gave total revenue of $104.09 billion. Montana– Stillwater Mining Company gave revenue of $1.03 billion in the region Billings, MT. There are some more companies also which gave revenue in billion as the above companies.

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