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Marketing on YouTube for Small Businesses

Marketing on YouTube for Small Businesses
Best Practices for SMB YouTube Marketing

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YouTube was launched in 2005. No one really knew what it exactly was at that time. Eventually, YouTube had started gaining popularity due to the quality of videos and its ability to connect different countries via videos. Today, YouTube has more than 1 billion user accounts on the website. On an average, about 300 hours of videos get uploaded every minute. Also, according to statistics, the number of hours that people watch videos on YouTube is increasing by 50% every month. Have you ever imagined that this could be used as an advantage? Have you ever wondered that this is not only for the benefit of the employees of YouTube, but also to you as a user? All that exposure gaining your knowledge, all those people you meet, all those views.

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Creating videos for YouTube is indirectly a form of employment in YouTube, but only with a difference that you can upload your videos at your own convenience and can do it whenever you like. ‘YouTubing’ has now become a career, and creating videos can also be of a large time commitment, but at the same time, you can even market your own business with the help of it. You can promote your own firm or for which you work. It is a very effective way of what people call social media marketing or SMM.  It is somewhat like a homemade commercial, however it’s also very important to make use of the correct tools and have your video edited properly. As they say well begun is half done, this will entice YouTubers and users from all round the world to watch what you have and will want to subscribe to your channel for more videos if they are well edited and presentable.

Here are some good tips for you to grab in order to practice SMB YouTube marketing:

Create shareable content:

Shareable content can be something which would be of interest to other people. You can promote yourself and your products through these videos. This is a better way to come up with videos. You can make entertainment videos showcasing your talent, or can make tutorials on how to use a new product. Educational content is also booming as many students prefer online studies. If you’re well versed with any course, take it up and create your playlist to make it a big hit. Walkthroughs of the facilities that your firm provides is also an interesting idea.

Breakdown the barrier:

YouTube can be the ultimate equipment to break down the barrier between a user and a business promoting channel. It can give the business a face and personality and show that it’s run by real people. 

Create Vlogs (video blogs):

You can make biweekly or weekly updates on your business through these videos. There is one thing that you must be cautious of, that is, making it fun to watch, interesting promotion and entertaining. Everyone likes a little bit of comedy and animation, even if it’s for a professional cause. You can even upload several videos simultaneously and name them as some series that sound really fun. YouTubers are many, but successful ones are only those who ensure these tiny corrections in their videos. There is a vast area of creativity at YouTube. All you have to remember is that with every social media tool it’s important to engage with your viewers and to keep your branding consistent. 

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Explain your business to people:

If you are a business with a lot of aspects, use YouTube to make an exciting demonstrational section on what your firm does. Produce visual assistances and make it amusing to watch.


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