Measure your Credibility

Measure your Credibility

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You might think that hitting your numbers and fostering good board relationships are the key factors and yes they do matter. But a much deeper level comes down to your board of supervisors having confidence in your team member’s ability to deliver reliably what is expected. It is all about credibility, because that will influence trust, critical thinking and resource allocation. It is often thought that saying “sorry” can loosen you credibility but actually it is not so. Unlike height and weight, your measure of credibility isn’t an objective measure. It is a perceived quality, one that people assign to you based on the interplay of a number of elements.

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# We insist that we are right because it make us feel smart, responsible, virtuous and safe.

Most of us avoid the feeling of thinking ourselves wrong or a possibility that we could be wrong. We all know everybody makes mistakes. It’s human nature. It is the mistakes from which we learn, develop, and groom our self for a better future. We do everything from travelling to places for a job to taking important decisions in life. It makes us feel independent and self reliable. I personally take decisions which I think can benefit me and which I am able to do. I know my potentials and my weakness. Yes there are people who provide some guidance but the ultimate decisions are mine as in the future I don’t want to blame people for my career or life. So ultimately, we are kind of wound up travelling throughout life trapped in a small web of feeling very right about everything.

But having the feeling of being right every time is a problem for each of us as individuals, in our professional and personal lives. Why are we stuck in the feeling of being right all the time? This is simply because it makes us confident and emotionally wonderful. We don’t have any kind of internal clue to prove we are wrong until something filthy or disastrous has happened. From childhood we are being taught that people who are lazy or irresponsible are the ones who get stuff wrong and the way to succeed in life is to never make mistakes. When we grow, we interact, communicate and share ideas as we feel they are the best. But when people disagree with us, it makes us feel ignored and disabled.

Unless we realize that we are wrong, there is no scope to learn. In this life nobody is perfect. We learn from our mistakes and if you really want to rediscover yourself you need to come out of the tiny bubble of rightness and look round the vast and complex world that says “no you are wrong”.

# Your team knows when you are wrong- whether or not you do. In fact, they can see it a mile away.

Saying “I’m wrong” could be very tough and embarrassing specially for a very big entrepreneur in the middle of an important business deal. Whether you realize or not that you committed a mistake, the other person can very well recognize it and it gets pasted in his memory. So a very simple and the best way to admit a mistake is to say” I’m sorry”. This short sentence has a very powerful convincing authority and also it quickly ends an argument. But it is equally important to never repeat an error after apologizing as it proves that you are incorrigible and can never learn from your mistakes.

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Understanding the elements of credibility provides you with opportunities to boost your perceived credibility and your success. Study the habits and behaviors of those who are well linked in your workplace.  Adopt and adapt those that you can authentically incorporate into your own behavior. With time and consistency, you can boost your credibility at work and in your community too.

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