Meet The Man behind Five Guys

Meet The Man behind Five Guys

Meet the Man behind Five Guys

Entrepreneurs can be made, and entrepreneurship can be set up. In order to reach the heights of success, the person just needs to have an idea and an enthusiasm to work hard on it. This is how, the person behind the famous food chain, Five Guys, got his inspiration.

Jerry Murrell along with his four sons, Matt, Jim, Chad and Ben, constitute the five guys that the name of this chain suggests. Getting the idea from his mother’s dialogue that if he doesn’t study, he will have to flip burgers somewhere, Jerry put in all his efforts to build a fast food restaurant that would allow people consume some of the best burgers.

The first restaurant was set up in 1986 in Arlington County, Virginia. Jerry told that they used to read a lot of French cookbooks in order to get the best recipe for the French fries. This restaurant gained an exceptional response, which led to setting up a chain Five Guys. Till 2001, they had set up their restaurants in five locations throughout Washington D.C.

Jerry also said that they never compromised on the quality. Sharing a few experiences of his life, he said that there was a time when he suggested using a single tomato slice in each burger instead of two, so that the cost could be minimised. This was revolted by his sons and as a result, they had to increase the cost of the burger, but couldn’t reduce the quantity. Instead of compromising with the quality, rising prices in order to reflect the cost of the ingredients seem to be a better option by the owners of Five Guys. People will buy the burger and other stuff too if they like it without caring about how much it costs.

The menu at Five Guys revolves around their hamburgers, these being a speciality offered by them. These burgers are accompanied by American cheese and bacon strips, grilled cheese and vegetable sandwiches, Kosher style hot dogs, etc. The fries offered by them are available in two styles namely Cajun style and Five Guys style. Five Guys also offer complimentary roasted peanuts for consumption inside the restaurant. These peanuts are restricted from taking out in order to prevent the allergen.

Five Guys started franchising in 2003, if the next person agreed to work on the quality. Presently, they own 1,000 locations spread throughout the nation. The basic theme of any of the Five Guys restaurant is a red and white layout spread in a checked manner. Open kitchens, a single window for ordering and picking up are accompanied by this sober yet elegant design, adding to the ambience of the restaurant. They also have wall mounted chalk-board, note cards, crayons etc. for customer’s to write on, or to aid the deaf in ordering their meal.

Five Guys has been a recipient of many awards since the setting up of its first restaurant. It bagged the “Number 1 Burger” award by Washington Magazine for seven long years along with being the most discussed burger brand over the internet. Five Guys has also been ranked the number 1 in terms of service and food quality. The customers that come out of this chain have a smile on their face and contentment in their heart. Moreover, a person can’t visit Five Guys just for once. He gets addicted to it. This is due to the high quality of their food which is created with special care. Jerry is really happy with the success this food joint has achieved and wish to expand it further to many states. He also keeps strict rules in order to maintain quality at each of the franchise.

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